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2023 Honda Shadow Phantom [Specs, Features, Photos] – webBikeWorld

When you have the perfect recipe you don’t mess with it. That is exactly the approach Honda takes with the Shadow Phantom. The Japanese manufacturer is wise, and so the Shadow Phantom remains unchanged in the 2023 Honda lineup. It also remains unavailable in the Honda Canada lineup.
The Honda Shadow Phantom features a liquid-cooled 745cc V-twin engine with a 5-speed transmission that delivers smooth and reliable power to the rear wheel. The engine is designed to provide a balance between power and fuel efficiency, and it produces a throaty exhaust note that complements the Japanese bike’s sleek and aggressive styling. The suspension system consists of a traditional telescopic fork in the front and dual shocks in the rear, which work together to provide a comfortable and stable ride. The rear suspension is adjustable for preload to accommodate different rider weights and preferences, while the front suspension provides responsive handling and precise control.
The 2023 Honda Shadow Phantom starts at $7,999 USD / $ N/A CAD.
On this page: we’ve curated specs, features, news, photos/videos, etc. so you can read up on the new 2023 Honda Shadow Phantom in one place.
2023 Honda Shadow Phantom
2023 Honda Shadow Phantom
From Honda
2023 Honda Shadow Phantom
Sleek pipes feature bullet-style mufflers for that classic cruiser style of yesteryear. Large-diameter head pipes and 2-into-2 system design combine to put out true, V-twin cruiser sound.
Forget about fiddling with a choke—the Shadow’s fuel injection system means no-hassle startups on cold mornings or at high altitudes, and optimal performance in any condition.
It’s the best of both worlds: The three-valve combustion chambers used on many of our V-twin cruisers feature two intake valves and one exhaust, helping them breathe efficiently to boost both horsepower and torque.

A key element of the Shadow Phantom’s look are the tank-mounted instruments. Set in a blacked-out pod to match the rest of the bike’s look, they combine a traditional feel with a thoroughly modern treatment.
The closer you look at a Shadow Phantom, the better it looks. That’s because the styling is so unified. Check out the way the blacked-out engine, black rims, black frame, black fork, black headlight and black seat all hang together. It really makes the tank stand out on the Adventure Green model, or you can go for the all-black look with our Matte Black Metallic tank.
A minimalist front fender gives the Shadow Phantom a lighter, cleaner, more progressive look.
The Shadow Phantom’s spoked black wheels and hubs complete the overall custom look.

Sleek, one-piece gunfighter-type seat is comfortable and looks great too.

Clean, efficient, proven, and low-maintenance. Shaft final drive is the perfect choice for a machine like this, and for riders who pile on the miles. You never have to worry about lubrication or adjustment out on the road. And an added plus: it helps keep your bike cleaner, too.
The Shadow Phantom’s wide-ratio five-speed transmission lets you cruise the boulevard at a low, unhurried pace, yet allows you hop on the highway without revving the engine through the roof.
2023 Honda Shadow Phantom

2023 Honda Shadow 750 Phantom

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