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The Honda XR650L is a Japanese dual-sport motorcycle that has been in production since 1993. As part of the Honda 2023 lineup, the XR650L is a versatile motorcycle that appeals to riders who enjoy both on and off-road riding. It features a simple, reliable design that is easy to maintain, and it has a reputation for longevity and durability.
It features a 644cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers a reliable and consistent power output. The XR650L is known for its excellent off-road capabilities, with long-travel suspension, high ground clearance, and a 21” front wheel, making it suitable for tackling rough terrain. Honda tends to deliver decent economy from their engines and the big single is no exception. Riders can expect around 150 miles from the 2.8 gallon fuel tank.
The XR650L has remained largely unchanged since its introduction, with updates limited to minor tweaks and improvements over the years. While it may not be the fastest or most advanced motorcycle on the market, the XR650L is a solid choice for riders looking for a versatile machine that can handle a variety of riding conditions.
The 2023 Honda XR650L starts at $ 6,999 USD / $ N/A CAD.
On this page: we’ve curated specs, features, news, photos/videos, etc. so you can read up on the new 2023 Honda XR650L in one place.
2023 Honda XR650L
2023 Honda XR650L
From Honda
2023 Honda XR650L
Front and rear disc brakes provide superior stopping power. Both front and rear disc rotors are drilled for lightness and better wet-weather performance.

Accessing the air filter, battery and fuse box is fast and easy, thanks to the quick-release fasteners on the left sidecover. And once the cover is off, the fasteners stay in place, so there are no small parts to lose. Smart!
With a passenger grab strap, folding passenger pegs, a long MX-style seat and plenty of Honda power, the XR650L lets you carry a passenger with ease.
The XR’s dry-sump design keeps the engine compact and eliminates the oil pan for superior ground clearance and damage resistance. Plus, with the engine oil in the frame, the frame itself acts like a giant oil cooler.
In keeping with its clean new look, we’ve given the XR650L black rims front and rear. It’s amazing how much cleaner they make the bike look, especially combined with the black fork boots, black seat, and black tool bag.
Designed to make your XR650L off-road ready right out of the box, they help protect you from rocks, branches, thorns, brush, and rain.

The 21-inch front wheel gives you a wide choice of tire selection for different riding conditions.
The long-travel fork also offers compression damping adjustability, letting you fine-tune it to deal with the bumps of off-road riding.
Honda Pro-Link® rear suspension system offers compliant and comfortable ride quality with a high level of wheel control. Initial rates are soft for supple action over small bumps and ripples, while increasingly stiffer rates resist bottoming and maintain rear-wheel control over rougher surfaces. The remote-reservoir rear shock is fully adjustable for both compression and rebound damping.
The XR650L’s steel frame is designed to handle the intensity of off-road travel. Plus, the frame’s backbone doubles as the engine’s oil tank, saving weight and space.

New 2023 Honda XR650L Specs, Features, price Full details explained.

2023 Honda XR650L!

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