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40 mistakes you don't realize make your home way less appealing – Mic

Don’t worry — the fixes are easy.
It may not seem like chipped wall paint here and there or a dusty ceiling fan make that much of difference, but these seemingly minor issues actually ding the overall look of your home. Luckily, we’ve found easy — and affordable — fixes for the mistakes you don’t realize make your home way less appealing. You’ll be surprised by how the right product can instantly boost the look and feel of your space — so keep reading.
Use this cord wall cover to hide cords that look messy and pose a tripping hazard. The plastic cover is easy to attach to the wall using the provided adhesive and can be painted the same color as your wall for a seamless look. It’s wide enough to conceal up to four cords and can be installed anywhere in your home and customized to your space using smart connectors that accommodate corners and awkward angles.
Attach caster wheels to an ottoman and other small pieces of furniture to easily move them around the room and provide layout flexibility. The vintage-style casters feature an antique brass top plate and the small wheels glide smoothly and easily without any noise. They swivel effortlessly and their soft exterior is designed to leave no marks on the floor, whether you have hardwood or tile flooring.
Instead of using harsh overhead lighting at all times, fill your home with the soft glow and cozy ambience of a Himalayan salt lamp. Each lamp is handcrafted from crystals for a unique design. It sits on top of a wooden base and has a dimmer so you have full control over how much amber light it emits. Add it to your nightstand or a living room side table and enjoy the warm atmosphere it creates.
Some tasks require bright overhead light while other times you want to relax under the soft glow of diffused light. Now you can do just that thanks to this USB switch and dimmer that allows you to adjust brightness levels using a remote control. It has 20 settings and is compatible with multiple types of lights for your ease and convenience.
Measuring your room for new curtain panels can be a major hassle, and there’s nothing worse than finding out you didn’t get the right measurements and bought the wrong curtain length. Save yourself the time and the expense, and get this digital laser measure that’s easy to use, gets accurate measurements, has a large backlit screen to get a quick read even in the dark, and is even waterproof for outdoor work. Thousands of reviewers rave about this clever measuring tool.
Hanging artwork on the walls can get seriously frustrating when you don’t have the right tools and supplies, which is why this picture hanging kit will come in super handy whether you’re hanging a gallery wall, a new macrame tapestry, or framed poster. The 225-piece set includes hooks and nails to hold different weights, as well as a mini level to help you hang everything properly on a variety of surfaces from plaster and drywall to wood accent walls.
Not only is it a nuisance to constantly have to fix a shifting rug, it can also cause an accident if someone slips and falls. Secure it in place by layering a non-slip rug pad underneath it. This extra-thick pad can be cut down to size and used on multiple surfaces, from hardwood to tile. Its grid-like construction allows for good air circulation and the cushioned texture will also make your rug more comfortable to walk on than if it were just sitting on a bare floor.
Add a splash of color, texture, and pattern to your home with a set of these inexpensive throw pillow covers. A sofa or a bed can look flat and boring without any contrasting textural and decorative elements, and throw pillows are a perfect way to remedy that. This set of covers features a soft front with a raised pattern, a faux suede back, and a hidden zipper to securely hold an insert.
Make a striking design statement with this tiger embroidered velvet throw pillow cover. Add it to an armchair or sofa for a bold pop of color and a fun conversation piece. Between the rich colors, delicate tassels and intricate embroidery, it’ll spruce up any dull corner and reviewers say it looks very high-end and designer-y, all for the budget price of under $20.
Incorporate a textural element into a room using this faux fur sheepskin rug with nearly 35,000 five-star ratings. Its fluffy design adds softness and cozy comfort for that quintessential hygge vibe, and you’ll love the fact that it can be tossed in the washer for a quick and easy clean. The plush rug has a slip-resistant suede leather backing to keep it in place and it’ll look just as great on bare floors as it will layered over an area rug for some added visual interest.
When it comes to a room looking right, proportion is key; a rug that’s too small will throw everything off, so to avoid that mistake, use a cowhide rug with an organic shape that’s ideal for filling a large space. It adds subtle drama and works well with a neutral color palette as well as a more colorful, maximalist design. The rug features rich colors and a soft texture, has non-slip backing and is shed-free, which also makes it incredibly practical for any room in your home.
A set of gallery wall frames is the perfect way to fill an empty wall. Instead of just one frame drowning on a large wall, create an intentional display using these matching frames that are a total steal when compared to custom framing. The different shapes and sizes of the frames create depth and dimension for visual interest, and the ivory mats give them a timeless and elegant look.
Get a set of these bamboo charcoal odor-absorbing bags to eliminate foul odors from shoes, closets, or your refrigerator. Unlike scented products that simply mask a bad smell, these air-purifying bags remove it, leaving the item or room refreshed and deodorized. They also help absorb moisture, so they’re a great option for a musty, humid room or closet. To maintain the bags’ effectiveness, just place them in direct sunlight for two hours every month in order to recharge the charcoal.
Scent is a huge part of creating an atmosphere, and lighting a beautiful candle instantly sets a soothing tone. This lilac and rose scented candle features a wood wick and is made from 100% soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn of up to 45 hours. The chic packaging also doubles as a lovely decorative accent for your home when propped on a stack of books on the coffee table or next to a vase with fresh-cut flowers.
Cleaning baseboards and hard-to-reach molding has never been easier than with this baseboard cleaning tool. It glides along the baseboards as you walk for an effortless clean, and its extendable handle means you no longer have to strain your back or knees. The lightweight handle has a 360-degree swivel head so that you can dust from any angle, and its microfiber pads quickly trap dust and dirt whether you use them wet or dry.
Eliminate messy shoe piles that have turned into a serious tripping hazard by organizing shoes in this three-tier shoe rack that also provides a spot to sit while you tie your laces. The sturdy bench is made from 100% bamboo and is available in three colors: natural bamboo, brown, and black. Each shelf can hold up to four pairs of shoes and hundreds of happy reviewers report that it’s easy to assemble, a great product for the price and the perfect piece for a small space.
If your ceiling fan has been collecting dust for as long as you’ve lived in your home, get this extendable duster specifically designed for ceiling fans and give it a good clean. Instead of trying to balance on a chair or ladder to reach the fan, this duster extends up to 47 inches and the large microfiber head is made up of fluffy fibers that trap dust upon contact. Once you’re done cleaning, take off the removable duster head, wash it in warm water, and let it air dry.
Replace your pet’s unappealing disposable pee pads with this washable pee pad that looks like a beautiful vintage-style rug. The thick pad is highly absorbent to prevent any leakage or lingering odors. Its distressed medallion design elevates it from a puppy training necessity to a living room-approved accessory that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the decor. The best part is that the pee pad is machine-washable; wash it on a cold cycle then hang it up until fully dry.
Keep plastic bags readily on hand but neatly stored away thanks to this bag saver and dispenser. It can easily be mounted on the wall or inside of a cabinet, or placed on the floor in the kitchen or pantry. The sleek stainless steel design gives it a modern look, and the extra-wide openings make grabbing a bag quick and easy. Insert bags through the top opening and take them out through the bottom slot, and keep loose bags from cluttering your kitchen drawers and cabinets.
If you can’t stand the sight of a fingerprint-covered fridge door, you need this stainless steel cleaning kit. It includes disposable cleaning wipes, a spray that cleans and polishes, and a soft cloth that’s non-abrasive and safe to use on stainless steel surfaces. The formula restores a sparkling shine while creating a protective barrier to resist fingerprints, smudges, and dirt.
Get rid of unpleasant odors in your fridge by simply placing this long-lasting stainless steel deodorizer inside. It works for up to 10 years — yep, a whole decade — without needing to be refilled or recharged and is super compact, too. Besides eliminating gross smells directly from the source, the deodorizer also decomposes harmful gases and helps foods stay fresher for longer. You can also use this odor absorber in a closet, drawers, your car or gym bag to restore and maintain a fresh scent.
Refresh your home and linens with a spritz of this essential oil-infused room spray that features notes of lemon, neroli, cardamom, and juniper. It releases a pleasant mist and its complex fragrance is the perfect combination of clean and rejuvenating. Thousands of reviewers highly recommend this spray as a signature scent for your home and many report that they use it throughout the house, on clothing, linens, and even in their car.
Use a set of these clear bins to create an organizational system in your fridge that you can actually maintain. The shatterproof bins are stackable to save space and the set includes an egg holder, a drink holder, two wide bins, and two narrow ones to accommodate a variety of fridge staples. The bins also have built-in handles so you can easily move them around. Say goodbye to the cluttered mess that is your fridge right now and save yourself money in the long run by not having to throw out food that’s gone bad because it was hiding in the back.
Install sleek under-cabinet lighting to make it easier to find what you need and add a cozy ambience, all without hiring an electrician. That’s right, this wireless light strip is battery-operated and comes with strong adhesive tape to attach it under the cabinet. Use the 3-foot long strip in the kitchen, a closet, or bathroom for instant illumination without the hassle or hefty price tag of electrical wiring.
Tackle a splattered stove or crayon-covered wall with these Magic Eraser sponges that are the all-purpose cleaning tool you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over. All you need to do is wet the sponge and gently scrub the dirty surface to release and erase the dirt. The sponges are designed with a textured surface for a more effective clean and they work just as well on soap scum in a bathtub as they do on a greasy oven door. Try them and you’ll never go back — they’re a cult fave with a near-perfect Amazon rating after over 4,000 reviews.
Quickly touch up chips and marks on walls without having to pull out an entire paint can thanks to these fillable paint pens. The little airtight container keeps paint fresh and its precision paint tip allows you to get into small nooks and crevices to easily paint hard-to-reach places. Use it on a variety of surfaces, from drywall and wood to window frames, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference a fresh paint touch up makes.
Dry air in your home can lead to congestion and dry skin, as well as cause general discomfort, but you can fight all that with a large-capacity humidifier. It works twice as fast as most others do, producing 2 feet of ultra-fine cool mist. The humidifier is quiet, so as not to disturb your sleep and has a convenient top-fill design. To make it extra effective in refreshing your home, add essential oils that’ll usher in a clean fragrance.
Protect your coffee and dining tables from heat and moisture damage with these stylish marble coasters. The natural veins make each coaster unique and a thin brass inlay stripe adds a chic touch, making the set nice enough to display. The coasters have a cork bottom to prevent surface scratches and they absorb condensation so it doesn’t cause those annoying, hard-to-remove water rings.
These cotton rope baskets are a practical addition to your home for a quick clean-up and way to hide clutter in a stylish way. They are made from 100% cotton and have flexible sides that are reinforced with stitching to ensure their sturdiness. The neutral colors make it easy to incorporate the baskets into your existing decor, and they are versatile enough to place in a bathroom or laundry room for storage that’s both beautiful and functional.
Replace old cutting boards with this beautiful marble one that makes a luxurious base for a delicious charcuterie spread. It’s made from quarry-harvested marble, and each board has six, raised non-slip rubber feet so it won’t slide when you serve from it. It comes in three sizes. To keep it clean, simply rinse it with some warm soapy water.
Clean your windows and let more light in using this squeegee and scrubber cleaning set. The 10-inch squeegee can be used on everything from interior and car windows to your shower door, and you can even attach an extender to the handle for those hard-to-reach places. The scrubber has a soft microfiber head that doesn’t scratch the dirty surfaces, and dozens of thrilled reviewers report the set is a great alternative to disposable paper towels.
Update your lighting with a set of these modern table lamps that have a metal base and simple linen shades for a contemporary feel. Every room needs multiple sources of light for when you don’t want to turn on the harsh overhead light, and this set is neutral and versatile enough to work anywhere in your home, whether it’s a living room side table, entryway console or bedroom nightstand.
Update your favorite art prints or family photos with a set of these simple picture frames that you can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf. The set is available in several colors so you can choose what best suits your style, and comes with removable mats if you want to give your gallery wall a more formal look. The clean lines and streamlined design will instantly refresh your walls for an unbeatable price.
Take your coffee table styling game up a notch and layer this gold mirrored tray next to coffee table books, a decorative bowl, and taller items such as candle holders for a more interesting, designer-inspired look. In addition to the tray bringing in a shiny metallic element, it also serves a practical purpose; use it to corral remotes and coasters, but do so in a stylish way by adding a vase with flowers or pretty candle to distract from the more solely functional items.
You don’t need to have a green thumb to add a touch of greenery to your home, just place this faux potted palm tree in the corner and it’ll immediately enliven the space. The 5-foot-tall tree has silky leaves that look incredibly realistic and way better than the shriveled up, wilted leaves on your no-longer live plant. Shoppers report it looks great and is easy to assemble.
Update old countertops quickly and without a huge financial investment by simply covering them with this marble contact paper. The self-adhesive paper is easy to measure and cut thanks to the grid on the back and is highly durable even in high traffic areas such as a kitchen or bathroom because of its thickness and waterproof surface. If you’re nervous about the application, don’t be — it’s easily removable so you can reposition it to get it just right.
Illuminate the room while creating a soft, ambient atmosphere with these dimmable vintage-style light bulbs. In addition to being energy-efficient, the bulbs look stylish and are a great choice for lamps with glass shades that expose the bulb, such as wall sconces or pendants in the kitchen. Use them when you want a softer, warmer glow instead of turning on a harsh LED light that ruins the atmosphere in the room.
Grow your barware collection and add a set of these stunning crystal whiskey glasses to your bar cart. The heavy tumbler-style glasses hold 10 ounces and feature a twist design that’ll elevate any happy hour you host. You’ll also love the fact that they are dishwasher-safe to make cleanup at the end of the night super easy. The set of two comes in a beautiful box, making them a great housewarming gift as well.
Make the chore of washing dishes easier on yourself by adding this anti-fatigue mat to your kitchen. The memory foam cushioning provides comfort while you stand for a long period of time and the mats’ non-slip backing ensures they adhere to the floor and safely stay in place. And because messes happen, the mats are waterproof and stain-resistant and can be washed to restore their like-new condition. Choose from five sizes and 15 colors.
Create a neat and uniform look in your kitchen or pantry thanks to these airtight food storage jars that come with cute chalkboard labels. The jars are as practical as they are visually appealing, and they’ll make your shelves look like a professional organizer stopped by. The clear glass also allows you to see what’s inside each jar, so you can quickly grab what you need and replenish pantry staples when they’re getting low.


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