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A New Era Of Travel And Everyday Gear: Durable And Sleek Pieces … – Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

by Mark Smiley | Jan 19, 2023 | Travel
by Mark Smiley
Now that the holiday season is in the rear-view mirror, many valley residents with families are now focused on traveling for weekend ski getaways and spring break. Those trips undoubtedly require luggage and many people have been using the same pieces for years without realizing that they are in need of an upgrade. We reviewed the Carry-on Pro from Carl Friedrik in a past edition. With so many roller luggage options on the market, it can be hard to know where to even start. The following pieces are ones to consider rounding out whatever trip you have planned next.
Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Expandable Large Case
Spectra 3.0: The Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Expandable Large Case is a rugged and handsome piece of luggage that can fit the entire family’s clothing and toiletries for a trip. It features innovative materials and thoughtful design that is built to last.
Victorinox is a knife manufacturer and watchmaker best known for its Swiss Army knives. They also have a line of travel gear and the Spectra 3.0 Expandable Large Case is one to consider adding to your lineup of luggage. The Spectra 3.0 features innovative materials, expandable compartments, and clever engineering. This collection is made with SORPLAS, a high-performance recycled polycarbonate designed to withstand the rigors of travel. SORPLAS is made from used water bottles and waste optical discs collected from factories, and has a proprietary flame retardant quality.
This suitcase was put to the test over the holidays and it did not disappoint. It proved to be durable, smooth gliding, and easy to maneuver with its 4-wheel dual caster wheels. It allowed for maximum packing with 103 liters of space that also expands to 40% more of its capacity. It was large enough to pack Christmas gifts and clothes, yet never felt too large to wheel through the airport and check in. This piece weighs 15 pounds and measures 12.6 x 20.1 x 29.5 inches. In addition, it was easy to spot at baggage claim.
While the wheels are smooth, so are the YKK racquet coil zippers that are strong yet smooth and feature a water-resistant coating for improved weather resilience. Also, this suitcase can be locked using TSA approved locks with three digits providing peace of mind and secure storage for belongings. The process of setting the combination and locking the zipper pulls into place was effortless.
If you are in the market for an attractive, durable, and easy to handle suitcase with plenty of space to pack for the entire family, consider the Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Expandable Large Case.
For more information or to see what other options Victorinox has to offer, visit This piece retails for $700.
Nomatic Check-In
The Nomatic Check-In: This suitcase is made of ultra-durable polycarbonate material and effortlessly glides through the airport without any problem.
Another large suitcase that was also put to the test over the holiday season is the Check-In suitcase from Nomatic. Relatively new to the travel game, and founded in the summer of 2014 by cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, Nomatic prides itself on creating minimalist products like travel bags, backpacks, watches, notebooks, and wallets.
The Nomatic Check-In proved to be durable and the wheels glided through the airports thanks to silent Hinomoto wheels. These wheels are smooth, whisper quiet, and almost run on their own.
All Nomatic suitcases are built from an ultra-durable polycarbonate material intended to survive impacts with sledgehammers and even cars. The usual impacts during airline baggage handling are no problem for this piece.
Another nice feature of this suitcase is that it offers a number of individual zippered compartments inside. These zippered compartments are not intended to store bulky items or much clothing but are great for containing things like chargers, small electronics, toiletries, books, socks, and the like.
Magnetic Compression Straps: The Nomatic Check-In features 78 liters of space and magnetic compression straps. These straps allow you to ratchet down your neatly folded clothes in order to maximize your space.
It also has magnetic compression straps which allow you to ratchet down your clothes to maximize the space, also giving the benefit of keeping your neatly folded clothes in place during transit. The Check-In also comes with a folding compression panel, which compresses what you want and in which area of the suitcase you want it.
Similar to the Victorinox Spectra 3.0, the Nomatic has the TSA approved locking YKK zippers. No additional lock needs to be purchased to lock the zippers as the combination lock built into the top of the case will handle that for you.
The Nomatic Check-In weighs in at 12.32 pounds and has a capacity of 78 liters and 90 liters when expanded. The size is 29” H x 18.5” W x 9” D. It features low profile handles for ease when gliding through the airport.
More information about this piece of luggage can be found at The Check-In retails for $600.
Filson Original Briefcase
Filson Original Briefcase: Made of rugged twill, a water repellent, industrial fabric, this briefcase can be your everyday staple no matter your career.
Construction Details: The Filson Original Briefcase features Tin Cloth binding on the interior seams that prevents fraying and wear. Two interior dividers keep contents organized and are sized to accommodate tablets and smaller laptops.
To round out your trip, consider the Filson Original Briefcase as a piece of carry on. This briefcase can be used as your new day-to-day briefcase between home and the office.
Filson has designed, manufactured, and distributed men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, accessories, and luggage since 1897.
The original briefcase is made of rugged twill, a water repellent, industrial fabric. Filson Rugged Twill is a very dense, 100% cotton fabric made from 2-ply and 3-ply yarns woven in a 2×2 twill pattern. This material is abrasion resistant and comes from Britain’s oldest, most-storied mills, and is lightly waxed to keep valuables dry and protected from the weather.
The individual compartments inside are suitable to separate your laptop from your tablet and your documents from your other items. Exterior stow pockets keep quick-access necessities close at hand, and the adjustable shoulder strap is detachable for convenient hand carry.
There are two strips of heavy-duty leather for the two very solid brass zippers that close from either side of the top of the bag. Covering that is an extra rugged twill flap that buttons closed over the zipper. The shoulder straps and handles are made of bridle leather and are durable enough for horse tack. The rustproof heavy-gauge zipper is built from solid brass and is reinforced with more saddle-grade leather.
This briefcase, like the aforementioned suitcases, is durable. It adds an element of class to your workday and in-person meetings. It is a unique combination of style and durability which most will find suitable for their job or travel. It won’t be one you replace anytime soon, if at all.
For more information on this briefcase or any other products Filson offers, visit The original briefcase retails for $450.
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