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AEW All Out Out Results 9/3 – Cassidy Vs. Moxley, Takeshita Vs … – Wrestling Inc.

The fifth annual edition of AEW All Out is set to kick off tonight on PPV, broadcast live from Chicago, IL’s United Center at 8pm ET, with a “Zero Hour” preshow starting at 7pm ET.
The headlining title match of the night will see AEW MVP Jon Moxley face the winningest champion in the promotion’s fledgling history, as he challenges AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy in what the champion hopes will be his 32nd defense of the title since winning it 327 days ago. Only the second champion in the history of the once-All Atlantic Title, Cassidy’s body has seemingly been breaking down over the course of his numerous, hard-fought defenses. Can Moxley dethrone denim zen master or will Cassidy’s body finally give out on him against one of AEW’s most violent competitors?
Another major match on tonight’s show will see former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega face Konosuke Takeshita, fresh off a bitter loss to Takeshita last week at All In in Wembley Stadium. Also set for tonight’s show, ROH World Tag Team Champions MJF and Adam Cole will defend against Dark Order’s Andrew Reynolds and Jon Silver, who won a Battle Royal to earn a match against the friends. It is yet to be seen if Cole’s former friends Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, and Matt Taven will make their presence known during the match.
Here is the full card for tonight’s show:
-Zero Hour Preshow: Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue
-Zero Hour Preshow: Over Budget Battle Royal (winner receives $50k for the charity of their choice)
-Zero Hour Preshow: AEW World Trios Championship Match: Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn (w/ Dennis Rodman) (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal (w/ Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett)
-AEW TNT Championship Match: Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage) (c) vs. Darby Allin
-Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
-AEW TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Ruby Soho
-Strap Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks
-Konosuke Takeshita (w/ Don Callis) vs. Kenny Omega
-Jay White, Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn vs. Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson
-ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: MJF & Adam Cole (c) vs. The Dark Order (Jon Silver & Alex Reynolds)
-ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shane Taylor
-Katsuyori Shibata & Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta
-AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jon Moxley

The pre-show begins with Rene Paquette and RJ City, with City wearing a tribute to Pee-Wee Herman actor Paul Reubens. They preview the strap match between Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks. Backstage, Bryan Danielson explains that he loves Ricky Steamboat and hates Ricky Starks. Danielson says that the last strap match he was in was with someone he loved, and he beat the hell out of him, so Starks should imagine what Danielson would do to him.
Backstage, Prince Nana makes it clear that Toa Liona, Kaun, and Brian Cage will be in the Over Budget Battle Royal and will be donating the winnings to the Embassy Foundation.
Over Budget Battle Royal
Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Dalton Castle, Scorpio Sky, Toa Liona, Kaun, Brian Cage, and Hangman Page all get entrances while a cadre of others waits around the ring. Tony Nese gets in the ring and calls all the Chicago fans “charity cases.” Nese advocates for everyone to put the battle royal behind them and instead do group exercises. Nese does push-ups, and is immediately thrown out of the ring by The Best Friends, Action Andretti, and Darius Young. Castle gets in a shoving match with Mogul Embassy. Chaos erupts at ringside. Kommander hits a huge Shooting Star Splash to the floor.
In the ring, Serpentico fights the former Jericho Appreciation Society to no avail and gets eliminated. Shawn Spears gets into a fight with Jake Hager, drawing the ire of Daniel Garcia. Garcia and Spears go back and forth with ten chants and Garcia’s thrusting. Spears and Garcia soon start dancing. Aussie Open interrupts and eliminates Spears.
Brian Cage tries to eliminate Kommander but Kommander fights back. Kommander tries to get the better of the Mogul Embassy but all three members drive him into the canvas and then toss him from the ring. Dalton Castle is nearly eliminated but his boys save him. Dalton’s boys help Dalton eliminate Angelo Parker. A discus lariat from Brian Cage knocks Castle to the floor. Daniel Garcia eliminates Darius Martin. Best Friends hit a Double Chokeslam on Brian Cage. Gates of Agony take out Chuck Taylor. Toa Liona throws Taylor to the floor. Hangman hits a flying clothesline to eliminate Kaun. Scorpio Sky eliminates Matt Menard. Scorpio Sky eliminates Jake Hager.
Beretta saves Hangman from Aussie Open. Hangman and Beretta eliminate Mark Davis. Scorpio Sky eliminates Garcia. Brian Cage hits Sky with a discus lariat as Garcia hip thrusts his way up the ramp in shame.
The final six staredown, while Beretta tells Prince Nana to “Shut the F**k up!” A brawl erupts.
Kyle Fletcher and Action Andretti have an athletic exchange that ends with Fletcher knocking Andretti out of the ring. Fletcher pulls Beretta to the apron. Beretta hits a Half and Half Suplex on the apron to eliminate Fletcher. Beretta gets beaten down by Cage and Toa Liona. Cage eliminates Beretta.
Page fights off Cage and Liona. Page hits Liona with Buckshot Lariat. Page eliminates Liona. Hangman blocks a discus lariat but gets hit with a neckbreaker. Page is nearly eliminated but skins-the-cat and pulls Cage to the apron. They trade blows. Cage goes for a piledriver but Hangman hits Dead Eye to win the match at 13:16.
WINNER: “Hangman” Adam Page (and the charity of his choosing)

Athena, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue
Brawl to start. Skye Blue hits a huge dive to the outside on the opposing team. In the ring, Shida mounts and pummels Diamante in the corner. Shida then takes out Diamante with a huge strike. Blue tags in.
Blue hits a series of kicks on Diamante and then a running knee strike to the jaw against the ropes. Mercedes gets in a cheap shot on Blue and Diamante follows up with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mercedes tags in and dominates Skye Blue. Athena and Diamante help her weaken Blue in the corner. Daimante tags back in and hits a big splash for a nearfall. Diamante rams Blue into Athena’s foot and then pummels her in the corner. Blue fights back with a lawbreaker. Diamante hits a big lariat to take back momentum. Mercedes tags in and gets some shots in. Athena tags in and unleashes on Skye in the corner. The referee tries to break it up but Athena gets in his face.
Blue fights back with a big slap. Athena once again stops Blue from making a tag, following up with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Athena trash talks her team as Nightingale tags in. Diamante and Martinez abandon Athena in the corner and Willow dominates the ROH Champion. Diamante tags in and hits a sliced bread. Everyone trades blows. Mercedes stops Blue from hitting a dive. Mercedes hits a Spider German Suplex. Willow hits Mercedes with a Cannonball. Athena hits Willow with her signature diving stunner.
Shida and Athena trade blows. Shida drops Athena with an elbow strike. Both women are pulled out of the ring. Willow hits a huge pounce on Athena outside the ring. Diamante and Mercedes double team Willow on the outside but it goes south for them. In the ring, Willow tags in Skye Blue and hits a Death Valley Driver/Thrust Kick combo, Skye Blue hits Code Blue for the pinfall in 8:28.
WINNERS: Hikaru Shida, Willow Nightingale & Skye Blue

In a video, Rush talks to Los Faccion Ingobernables and tells them that they will take over AEW. Next a video plays, hyping up tonight’s main event between Jon Moxley and AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy.
AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn (w/ Dennis Rodman) vs. Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Jay Lethal (w/ Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett)
Sonjay Dutt introduces the challengers in a Detroit Pistons jersey, including Satnam Singh dunking a basketball without jumping. In his opening rap, Max Caster refers to the opposing team as the “2023 Oddities,” comparing Jarrett, Singh and Lethal to the freak show faction from the Attitude Era. Billy Gunn announces that Aubrey Edwards will be the referee of the match.
Brawl to start, Caster hits Jarret with a series of strikes and a DX chop. Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers on Jarrett. Bowens and Caster do the Fargo Strut. Lethal gets in a cheap shot. Singh knocks down Caster. Karen Jarrett sneakily helps Jarrett dominate. Lethal tags in and hits a neckbreaker. Lethal stomps on Caster in the corner.
Jarrett tags back in and Caster begins to fight back. Lethal tags in. Bowens tags in. Bowens gets the better of Lethal and hits a huge Super Kick. Karen trips Bowens. Gunn tags in and clears the ring. Singh comes in and hits a huge boot on Gunn. Singh chokeslams Bowens. Dutt distracts Aubrey but Aubrey catches Karen attempting to hit Gunn with a guitar. Karen and Aubrey fight. Gunn tales out Satnam at the knees. Aubrey is distracted. Dennis Rodman hits Singh with a guitar.
Lethal gets back in the ring and is hit with a Famouser, a huge slam from Bowens and a Mic Drop from Caster for the pinfall in 5:56.
After the match, The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn scissor with Dennis Rodman to the delight of the United Center.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: MJF & Adam Cole (c) vs. The Dark Order
MJF drinks from a ringside fan’s beer during the entrances, clearly in a celebratory mood.
Silver starts out against Cole. They circle each other. They lock up and trade holds. Silver gut shots Cole and taunts the crowd. Cole hits a huge bicycle kick. MJF tags in, teasing a Double Clothesline. Reynolds pulls Silver out of the ring before they can hit the move.
MJF tells the crowd that Reynolds helped train him, so he gets a “Sportsmanship” chant going. They shake hands. MJF pokes Reynolds in the eyes. MJF does the Fargo Strut and then swivels his hips. MJF trips Reynolds and teases the Kangaroo Kick. Silver attacks MJF, stopping him. MJF tosses Silver to the floor. Shoulder tackle from Reynolds tweaks MJF’s neck. MJF rolls out of the ring, feigning a neck injury. Cole is concerned for his friend and Silver takes advantage. The referee is distracted by Evil Uno. Reynolds hits MJF in the back of the head with a chair. MJF is attended to by the medical staff.
Reynolds and Silver get in the ring and celebrate. MJF is laying on the outside, moving every limb and yelling “Where’s Adam!?” Medical staff escort MJF out of the arena, leaving Adam Cole 2-on-1. Cole agrees to continue.
Cole fights off both men but gets knocked out by Silver for a nearfall. Silver continues his dominance but Cole rolls to the outside of the ring. Cole blocks a dive with an enzuigiri. Cole kicks Reynolds off the apron. Back in the ring, Silver counters a Panama Sunrise, they trade nearfalls. Silver hits a Fisherman Buster for a nearfall.
Reynolds tags in. Cole keeps up his fight. Reynolds throws Cole out of the ring, where Uno sneaks in some stomps and tosses Cole into the ringpost. Reynolds tosses Cole back in the ring.
Cole fights back. Cole hits Silver with a Brainbuster to the knee. Reynolds tags in and hits a Stunner, German Suplex, Jackknife Pin combo on Cole for a nearfall. Reynolds and Silver look for a Double Clothesline. They smooch Adam Cole on the cheek and hit the Double Clothesline for a nearfall.
Reynolds grabs the title belt. Cole stops Reynolds from using it and hits Silver with a Superkick. MJF comes down the ramp, holding his neck in pain. Cole tags in MJF. Reynolds tags in. MJF clears the ring. MJF pokes them both in the eyes and then smashes their heads together. MJF hits 10-turnbuckle smashes on Silver, then mounted punches on Reynolds. MJF bites Reynolds. MJF takes out Dark Order, practically one-handed. He teases a Kangaroo Kick. MJF hits the Kangaroo Kick. Evil Uno tries to stop the double clothesline but is unsuccessful. Cole tags in and hits the Double Clothesline for the pinfall in 14:07.
Samoa Joe makes his entrance while MJF is leaving the ring, infuriating MJF. Joe locks MJF in a Guillotine Choke. Both men are separated by security, the crowd chanting “Let Them Fight!”

ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shane Taylor

Joe tries to dominate Taylor but Taylor knocks the champion to the canvas repeatedly. Joe rolls out of the ring and pulls Shane Taylor out to get the upper hand. Joe smashes Taylor into the barricade. Taylor fights back with stiff strikes. Joe rolls back in the ring.
Joe hits punches of his own but Taylor hits a headbutt and a Standing Uranage followed by splash for a nearfall. Taylor unleashes more punches. Joe comes back with an enzuigiri. Taylor rolls out of the ring and is flattened by an elbow suicida from Joe. More punches and an uppercut, they get back in the ring but Joe gets the upper hand back. Joe fights back with a Manhattan Drop, a Big Boot and a Senton for a nearfall.
More strikes and Taylor counters with a lariat for two. Taylor fights Joe to the apron. Joe blocks a suplex. Joe locks in a Rear Naked Choke on the ropes. Taylor counters with a Hanging Stunner. Taylor climbs to the middle rope and hits a splash for a nearfall.
Taylor cracks Joe with more lariats. They trade blows. Joe rocks Taylor with an elbow, followed by clutch knees. Joe locks in a Rear Naked Choke and Taylor submits in 6:22.

AEW TNT Championship Match: Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage) (c) vs. Darby Allin (w/ Nick Wayne)
Darby charges Luchasaurus and ends up in a brawl on the outside with the champion. Luchasaurus hurls Darby into the guardrail. Darby tries to crawl away. Luchasaurus throws Darby into the steel steps. Cage tells Luchasaurus to “punish him, finish him, mame him.”
Luchasaurus slams Darby into the steps again and again. Luchasaurus breaks the count. All the shots to Darby’s head has busted him open. Luchasaurus hist Darby with a Snake Eyes onto the steps and then crushes Darby under them. Luchasaurus walks up the steps on Darby’s back to get in the ring. Nick Wayne keeps Christian Cage from getting in Darby’s face and gets the steps off Darby. Darby struggles into the ring.
Luchasaurus hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Sideslam for a nearfall. Luchasaurus chops Darby in the corner. Luchasaurus bites Darby in the corner. Darby scurries away from the champion but eats a headbutt. Darby rolls up Luchasaurus for a nearfall and hits a springboard crossbody for another nearfall. Darby climbs to the top rope but Luchasaurus shrugs off the crossbody.
Luchasaurus rips off the bandages around Daby’s waist and chokes him with them. Darby trips Luchasaurus on the apron and sends him into the apron. Darby sits a stunned champion in a chair. Darby climbs to the top rope and hits a somersault senton on Luchasaurus on the floor.
Back in the ring, Darby hits a Crucifix Bomb for a nearfall. Luchasaurus hits a scary German Suplex on Darby Allin. Luchasaurus locks in a Torture Rack. Christian tells Nick Wayne to throw in the title, with a “Father of the Year” sign behind him. Wayne refuses. Darby breaks out. Darby takes out Christian with a suicide dive. Luchasaurus meets Darby on the top rope. Darby hits an avalanche Code Red for a nearfall.
Darby struggles to his feet, then to the top rope. Christian hits Nick Wayne with a chair, distracting Darby and threatening a Con-chair-to. Luchasaurus hits Darby with a series of Tombstone Piledrivers and a Lariat to the back of the head for the pinfall in 12:10.
WINNER AND STILL AEW TNT CHAMPION: Luchasaurus (w/ Christian Cage)
The locker room empties out to prevent Christian Cage from hitting an injured Darby Allin with a Con-Chair-To. Medical staff attend to Darby after the match.

Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs
They lock up quickly, “like grown-ass men,” as JR said. Powerhouse gets the advantage quick.
They lock up again and Miro sends Hobbs across the ring with a slam. Miro pummels Hobbs into the corner and continues the assault. Hobbs sends Miro into the corner they trade shoulder tackles and blows. Miro hits a big kick. Hobbs hits a huge clothesline, sending the Bulgarian to the canvas. Hobbs punishes Miro in the corner. Miro sneaks out of a body slam and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick for a nearfall. 
Hobbs goes to the apron and hits a hotshot on Miro. Hobbs gets back in the ring and eats a dropkick from Miro. Miro stomps away on Hobbs. Hobbs comes back with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Hobbs stomps on him. Hobbs chokes Miro on the ropes. Hobbs hits another suplex. Miro fights back to little avail. Hobbs hits a splash in the corner and then tries again, but Miro ducks, sending Hobbs to the outside. Miro hits a running cannonball to the outside. They continue to fight on the outside.
Back in the ring and Hobbs runs over Miro for a nearfall. Hobbs locks in a headlock. Miro fights out. They trade blows. They trade body attacks. They trade clotheslines. Miro gets the advantage and batters Hobbs with forearms. Miro winds up and levels Hobbs with a huge lariat. Miro throws Hobbs to the apron and delivers a series of forearms to the chest. They fight to the top rope. Miro hits a big superplex. Both men are down. Miro winds up and hits a huge Super Kick but Hobbs doesn’t go down. Hobbs hits a Power Slam for a nearfall.
They trade blows. Hobbs can’t drop Miro despite his best efforts. Miro comes back with a huge lariat. Miro hits another Super Kick for a nearfall. Miro locks in Game Over. Hobbs fights out. Hobbs slams Miro into the corner to break the hold. Hobbs counters a dive with a Spinebuster for a nearfall. Hobbs drops the straps on his singlet.
Hobbs goes for Game Over but Miro sneaks out and hits a Spinebuster. Miro locks in Game Over. Hobbs submits in 15:33.
After the match, Hobbs attacked Miro, despite a show of respect from Miro. Hobbs chokes Miro. He’s interrupted by CJ Perry, who has “Hot & Flexible” on her entrance graphic. Perry attacks Hobbs with a chair.
Hobbs menaces CJ but Miro recovers and levels Miro with a series of chair shots. Miro shakes his head and abandons his wife, seemingly frustrated by her presence.

AEW TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Ruby Soho (w/ Saraya)
They lock up. Statlander fends off Soho. Soho gets some kicks in and Statlander springs up to her feet. Soho levels Statlander with an elbow but Statlander recovers and hits a shoulder tackle. Statlander kicks Soho into the corner. Soho spills to the outside.
Statlander sends Soho into the guardrail. Statlander chases Saraya around the ring and eats an Apron Dropkick from Soho. Soho sends Statlander into the barricade and some chairs. Soho drives Statlander’s head into the guardrail and rolls Statlander back into the ring.
Soho kicks Statlander around the ring and chokes her on the ropes, shouting “It’s my title, Kris!”
Saraya sneaks in some attacks on Statlander. Soho gets a nearfall. Soho stretches Statlander. Statlander fights out but Soho fights back for a nearfall. Soho corners Statlander and chokes her with a boot. Statlander comes back with a lariat. Soho hits a heel trip for a nearfall.
Soho continues to dominate. They trade blows. Soho levels Statlander for a nearfall. Statlander evades Soho and makes her eat an elbow and some uppercuts. Statlander hits a big knee strike and a power slam for a nearfall. Soho fights out of a move and hits a Saito Suplex. Statlander hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and a Fisherman Driver for a nearfall.
Statlander locks in a Gory Special Stretch. Soho counters with a series of rollups. Double Crossbody and both women are down. Soho battles back. Both women are on the top rope. Statlander hits an Avalanche Powerslam for a nearfall.
They trade forearms. Soho hits a Poison Rana. Soho hits a springboard DDT. Soho hits a Lowercanrana for a nearfall. They trade chops. Statlander hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Saraya distracts Statlander. Soho hits No Future. Soho hits Destination Unknown for a nearfall.
Saraya distracts the referee, while Soho grabs a can of spray paint. Toni Storm comes out from under the ring and stops Ruby from using the spraypaint. Statlander hits Sunday Night Fever for the pinfall in 12:19.

Strap Match: Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson
Ricky Steamboat will be on commentary. Danielson enters to “The Final Countdown,” with a cast on his non-strapped forearm. 
Starks avoids getting tied to Danielson, running around ringside to hype him up. Starks attacks Danielson and shoves him out of the ring. Starks grabs his weight belt and whips Danielson with it. Starks wraps it around his wrist and busts Danielson open with the buckle. Starks kisses a fan’s hand and gets in the ring.
Starks is finally tied to Danielson and the match starts. Starks pummels Danielson on the outside. Starks chokes Danielson with the strap. Ricky sends Danielson into the barricade. Starks drags Danielson by the neck around ringside and hangs Danielson and sends Danielson’s head into the steel steps. Starks poses with the bloody strap and hits an apron legdrop for a nearfall.
Starks continues to taunt and circle Danielson. Starks chokes Danielson with the strap more, standing on his back for leverage. Starks pummels Danielson. Starks whips Danielson with the strap. Danielson headbutts Starks out of desperation. Danielson levels Starks with kicks. Starks sends Danielson to the apron. Starks whips Danielson in the face with the strap and then hangs him with it. Starks relents and sends Danielson into the turnbuckle, where he pummels him.
Starks brings Danielson to the top rope. Danielson fights back and whips Starks with the strap over and over again. Danielson chokes Starks with the strap, Starks’s ankle caught in the ropes. Starks is stuck in a Tree of Woe position and Danielson whips him over and over again. Danielson hits repeated sliding dropkicks. Starks rolls to the apron. Danielson kicks Starks to the floor. Danielson uses the strap to pull Starks’s shoulder into the post repeatedly. Danielson relishes in the cheers from the crowd and wraps Starks in strap and pushes Starks’s bloody forehead into the post further. Danielson whips Starks more as Steamboat shouts “No disqualification!” on commentary.
Danielson gets Starks back in the ring and softens him with kicks to the midsection. Danielson winds up and hits a series of running dropkicks in the corner and Starks counters with a lariat, turning Danielson inside out. Both men are down.
They struggle to their hands and knees. Danielson gets to his knees. They crawl until dawn, going bloody forehead to bloody forehead. They fight to their feet and whip each other with the strap. Starks whips Danielson back down to his knees. Danielson fires up. The whipping begins to strengthen Danielson. 
It revives him.
Danielson whips Starks purple. Starks crumbles to his knees where he eats a series of whips and kicks. Danielson hits a roundhouse to the head. Starks is out. Big Bill gets on the apron and attacks Danielson. Steamboat attacks Big Bill. Big Bill tries to chokeslam Steamboat but Starks gets thrown onto Bill. Danielson climbs to the top rope and hits a double clothesline on Big Bill and Starks.
Back in the ring, Danielson sets up for a running knee but eats a Spear for a nearfall. Danielson counters Rochambeau with a Running Knee for a nearfall.
Danielson yells “It’s time to kick his f**king head in!” Danielson proceeds to do just that and then lock in the LaBell Lock, Danielson transitions to choking Starks with the strap. Starks turns purple, eyes bugging out of his skull, and finally succumbs at 16:40.
WINNER: Bryan Danielson.
After the match, Nigel McGuinness announces Over Budget Battle Royal Winner “Hangman” Adam Page will donate his $50K to the Chicago Public Education Fund.

Eddie Kingston & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli)
Shibata starts against Yuta. Yuta struggles to get a hold of the veteran and Shibata gets control of Yuta quickly. Yuta fights out of an Armbar attempt. Wheeler gets to the ropes.
Shibata hits Kawada Kicks on Yuta followed by a tough uppercut. Claudio tags in. Shibata bows to Castagnoli.
They lock up. Shibata absorbs Castagnoli’s strikes and dodges a dropkick. Claudio dodges a Penalty Kick. Kingston tags in. Claudio tags out. Kingston tries to shrug off Yuta, but they end up trading chops. Kingston drops Yuta and then immediately goes after Castagnoli, hockey-fighting the ROH champion until Yuta wipes them both out. Castagnoli drives Kingston into the barricade. Claudio rolls Kingston into the ring to a nearfall by Yuta.
Claudio tags in. Yuta helps Claudio attack Kingston’s arm. Claudio pummels Kingston in the corner. Yuta tags in, helping with the assault. Kingston gets the momentum back against Yuta. Castagnoli tags in and drives his feet into Kingston’s heart. Castagnoli hits another double stomp. Claudio hits an uppercut. Yuta tags in and stretches Kingston. Claudio sneaks in some kicks on Kingston while he’s locked in the hold. Kingston fights out and hits a lariat to the back of the head. Shibata tags in. Castagnoli tags in.
They two men trade vicious strikes. Shibata hits a big boot in the corner and pummels Claudio. Shibata hits a Running Dropkick. Shibata hits a Front Suplex for a nearfall. Claudio stops an Armbar but gets locked in a Triangle Choke. Castagnoli hits a deadlift powerbomb to break the hold. Wheeler tags in and hits Fastball Special for a nearfall.
Shibata hits a rolling chop, knocking out Yuta. Shibata locks in a hold and refuses to break it, even when being chopped by Castagnoli. Shibata locks in an Ankle Lock while maintaining the hold on Yuta. Castagnoli fights out and knocks out Shibata, leading to Shibata turning the leglock into an Indian Deathlock. Kingston tags in and pummels Yuta and drops him with a DDT. Machine Gun Chops to Yuta followed by an Exploder Suplex. Claudio stops the Spinning Backfist. Shibata and Kingston hit a Pump Kick/Saito Suplex combo for a nearfall. Claudio and Shibata trade strikes. Shibata drops Claudio with a chop to the chest.
Kingston and Yuta remain in the ring, as Claudio and Shibata brawl on the outside. Yuta hits a German Suplex. Kingston hits an enzuigiri. Another German Suplex from Yuta gets a nearfall. Yuta fires up. They trade slaps. Claudio tags in. They trade slaps. Short Arm Lariat from Claudio gets a nearfall.
Claudio rains down elbows on Kingston. Castagnoli hits a Neutralizer for a nearfall. Kingston fights out of a Ricola Bomb and hits a Spinning Backfist. Kingston hits a Northern Lights Bomb for a nearfall. Shibata neutralizes Yuta. Claudio hits a European Uppercut for the pinfall in 15:50.
WINNERS: Blackpool Combat Club (Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli)

Konosuke Takeshita (w/ Don Callis) vs. Kenny Omega
Kenny Omega is dressed in the green and orange color scheme that he first wore in DDT Wrestling, a nod to his shared history with Konosuke Takeshita.
They stare each other down to start. They trade holds. Takeshita locks in a headlock and slows Omega way down. Omega fights out but Takeshita sends him to the canvas, shoving match follows.
Takeshita dominates Omega. He absorbs kicks from Omega and hits a huge dropkick. Takeshita hits a gross backdrop, slamming Omega on his head. Omega gets thrown into the barricade. Omega eats a big boot. Omega fights out of a suplex and hits a rolling Samoan Drop. Omega hits a Moonsault off the barricade. Omega gets Takeshita back in the ring. Omega hits a springboard dropkick to the ankle. Omega hits a Kotaro Krusher and kicks Takeshita in the ribs. Omega hits a Dunk for a nearfall.
Omega locks in an Indian Deathlock. Takeshita fights out and rakes the eyes of Omega. Takeshita hits a jumping lariat. Omega fights back but Takeshita sends Omega into the turnbuckle, face first. They go to the outside, where Takeshita hits a Vertical Drop Brainbuster on the outside. Takeshita takes out a bunch of chairs. The referee stops him from using chairs. Takeshita gets back in the ring. Callis drapes multiple chairs on Omega while the referee is distracted. Takeshita hits a Senton over the top rope and into the chairs.
Takeshita gets Omega back in the ring. Takeshita hits a Yakuza Kick, followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Takeshita hits a second-rope senton for a nearfall. They trade chops. Takeshita climbs to the top rope. Takeshita goes for a senton but Omega gets his knees up, driving them into Takeshita’s neck.
Omega hits a series of Polish Hammers. Takeshita hits a big forearm. Omega sends Takeshita to the outside. Omega hits a huge Terminator Dive to the outside. Omega gets Takeshita back in the ring and climbs the top rope. Omega hits an Okada-esque dropkick to the back of Takeshita’s head. Omega hits a Snap Dragon Suplex. Omega hits a Snap Dragon Suplex again. Omega looks for a third but Takeshita fights out. Omega hits a V-Trigger to the back, followed by a Poison Rana for a nearfall.
Takeshita dodges a V-Trigger. Both men flip out of suplexes. Takeshita hits a huge forearm. Omega hits a V-Trigger. Takeshita hits a running lariat. Both men are down.
Omega powers out of a Power Bomb attempt. Omega hits a Power Bomb/V-Trigger combo for a nearfall. Omega hits a V-Trigger. Takeshita counters a One-Winged Angel for a nearfall and then hits a German Suplex for a nearfall. They trade blows. Omega builds back momentum and hits a huge V-Trigger to the back of the head, crushing Takeshita into the corner. Omega looks for an Avalanche One-Winged Angel but Takeshita fights out. Takeshita hits an Avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Takeshita hits a huge knee strike for a nearfall. Omega dodges a screwdriver attack from Callis and the screwdriver is stuck in the canvas. Omega hits Takeshita with a ripcord V-Trigger. Omega hits a standard V-Trigger. Takeshita grabs the screwdriver to block a One-Winged Angel but the referee stops him. They trade near falls and Takeshita hits a huge knee strike for a nearfall. Takeshita drops his kneepad and hits a huge butterfly knee strike for the pinfall in 22:20.
WINNER: Konosuke Takeshita

The Young Bucks & FTR vs. Bullet Club Gold (Jay White, Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn)
Dax Harwood starts against Jay White. White immediately tags out to Colten Gunn. Cash Wheeler tags in. They trade holds. They trade headlocks and headscissors. Wheeler gets a rollup for a nearfall. Wheeler maintains dominance on Colten. Austin tags in and levels Cash with a shoulder tackle. Cash hits a hurricanrana. Matt Jackson tags in. Matt tags in Nick and hit Austin with a Leapfrog Dropkick and then take out Colten. They hit Austin with a Double Dropkick. Dax tags himself in. Jay White tags in.
They lock up. White gets the momentum on his side and pummels Dax. Dax sends White to the canvas. Juice tags in. Juice gets Dax in the corner and Bullet Club pounces on him. White tags in and chops away on Dax in the corner. Harwood takes out Jay White and then clears the apron of Bullet Club Gold. Wheeler tags in.
Dax and Cash double team White for a one count. White attacks Cash’s legs to much success. Juice tags in and hits a series of punches. Juice hits Left Hand of God and Cash crumples into the Bullet Club corner. Juice gouges Cash’s eyes. It quickly becomes a 4-on-4 standoff and the two teams brawl in the ring. Quadruple Atomic Drops send Bullet Club’s heads into each other. Quadruple Sharsphooters from FTR & The Bucks. They break the holds.
Dax tags in. Juice sends Dax into the ringpost. Colten Gunn tags in and dominates. White tags in and kicks Dax in the corner. Jay hits a Snap Suplex into the corner for a nearfall. Austin tags in and attacks Dax in the corner. Juice tags in and hits a big corner slam. Juice locks in a headlock. Juice hits a shoulder tackle. They trade sleeperholds but Dax hits a huge Back Drop. Both men are down.
Dax goes to the outside, where Jay White picks his bones. Dax goes back in the ring and eats a dropkick from Colten. Colten hits a big splash in the corner. Colten misses a second splash but manages to tag in Juice. Bullet Club attacks Dax. Dax dodges a Cannonball from Juice.
Dax tags in Nick Jackson, who cleans house on Juice and The Gunns. Matt hits a Superkick and a Sliced Bread on Juice. Jay White tries to help but gets double teamed by the Bucks. Austin Gunn eats two Superkicks for a nearfall. Cash tags in and rolls up Austin for two.
Cash and Matt deliver double superkicks to plenty of folks but Jay White comes in and fights everyone off. White gets blindsided and hit with a Springboard Facebuster. Dax tag in. Colten stops a Spike Piledriver but Matt comes in to help. Matt and Dax hit the Spike Piledriver for a nearfall. A brawl ensues.
Austin Gunn is stuck in the ring with Bucks/FTR. Dax hits the Superplex, followed by a splash, a Swanton and a 450 Splash. The cover is broken up by Jay White. More wild brawling erupts. Everyone fights on the outside. Matt Jackson dives from the top rope to the floor. Austin Gunn rolls up Dax for a nearfall. Double Clothesline and both men are down. White tags in.
White chops away on Dax. Dax fires up. They trade blows. Short Arm Lariat from Dax. Juice stops Shatter Machine. Dax fights out of Switchblade. Nick and Dax hit Shatter Machine on Austin Gunn. Dax and Matt hit BTE Trigger on Jay White for a nearfall. Colten hits Matt with a Famouser on the outside. Cash tags in. Colten tags in. White hits Cash with Blade Runner. Colten covers for the pin in 21:41.
WINNERS: Bullet Club Gold

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jon Moxley
Moxley aggresses but Cassidy is unfazed. Cassidy warms up his legs and puts his hands in his pockets, but Moxley stops him with a vicious elbow. Moxley chops Cassidy around the ring. Moxley delivers mounted punches and then bites Cassidy. Cassidy fights back with a Front Dropkick.
Moxley hits a huge Saito Suplex on Cassidy. Moxley delivers another. Moxley sticks out his tongue, taunting Cassidy. Moxley delivers a series of strikes and then sends Cassidy to the apron. Cassidy sends Moxley into the corner and elbows him into confusion. Moxley catches a crossbody and delivers a series of sick stomps to the face of Cassidy. Cassidy hits Stundog Millionaire. They fight to the outside and then immediately get back inside. Moxley hits an X Plex.
Moxley stomps on Cassidy again and takes him to the outside. Moxley tosses Cassidy from pillar to post on the outside. Moxley gets back in the ring. Cassidy is busted open by the ringpost. Moxley runs out of the ring and attacks Cassidy on the announce table, attacking Cassidy’s bloody wound, splitting him open further. Moxley gets back in the ring again. Cassidy beats the countout.
Moxley hits a piledriver for a nearfall. Moxley chokes Cassidy with his wristtape and then bites Cassidy’s wound. Moxley taunts the crowd with Cassidy’s blood on his nose and teeth.
Moxley delivers vicious crossface punches. Cassidy fights to his feet. Moxley is unfazed by Cassidy’s forearm shots. Moxley is covered in Cassidy’s blood, sticking his hands in his pockets like OC. Moxley drops OC with a punch and chokes him in the corner.
Moxley gets Cassidy on the top rope. Moxley hits a series of headbutts. Cassidy fights out and rakes Moxley’s back. Cassidy bites Moxley’s face. Cassidy hits a Diving DDT. Cassidy hits a Satellite DDT. Moxley dodges the Orange Punch and hits a series of punches and elbows on Cassidy. Moxley blocks a Beach Break but Cassidy hits a Penalty Kick. Orange hits Orange Punch for a nearfall.
They struggle to their feet. Moxley counters Beach Breaks and hits a Gotch Pilediver. They trade nearfalls. Moxley locks in a Bulldog Choke. Moxley transitions to a Rear Naked Choke. Moxley transitions to an Armbar but Cassidy sneaks out. Moxley locks in a Labell Lock. Cassidy begins to fade. Cassidy fights to the ropes.  Cassidy rolls out of the ring and Moxley gives chase.
Moxley rips up the protective padding on the floor. Cassidy fights out of the piledriver and hits a Beach Break on the concrete. Cassidy hits a dropkick, sending Moxley’s head into the steel steps. Cassidy gets back in the ring and the referee begins the count. Moxley beats the count at 9. Cassidy hits Orange Punch. Cassidy hits a second Orange Punch. Moxley collapses to his knees. Moxley counters Orange Punch with a Cutter. Cassidy counters Death Rider with an Orange Punch. Cassidy hits a Spear for two.
Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and hits the soft kicks on Moxley and then starts kicking Moxley in the face, full steam. Moxley hits a huge lariat, but Cassidy recovers immediately. Moxley hits a series of lariats for a nearfall.
Moxley hits Death Rider for a nearfall. Moxley goes to the corner to regroup. Orange is pouring blood. “That’s graphic,” Taz exclaims.
Cassidy flips off Moxley. Moxley hits Death Rider for the pinfall in 19:43.
Blackpool Combat Club comes out to celebrate with the new champion, Moxley covered in Cassidy’s blood, Danielson bandaged from his match. They escort Moxley out of the arena as Cassidy lays in the ring with his empty Jansport backpack.
Cassidy cries in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers for him. He struggles to his feet to “Thank you, Orange” chants. Cassidy raises a bloodied fist as the program ends.
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