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Auditions: Wheel of Fortune Australia – TV Tonight

A casting call has gone out for Australian expats as contestants on Wheel of Fortune, to be filmed in London.
Graham Norton is hosting a reboot of the famed game show in the UK for Sony-backed Whisper North.
Norton is expected to host the Australian episodes, also produced by Whisper North for an unnamed Australian braodcaster. In the USA Ryan Seacrest will also succeed longtime host Pat Sajak.
Filming will take place Manchester in late November / early December. Applicants must be aged at least 18 and a legal resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man currently living in the United Kingdom.
Wheel of Fortune screened in Australia from 1981 in various versions until 2008 with hosts Ernie Sigley, John Burgess, Tony Barber, Rob Elliott, Larry Emdur, and Tim Campbell along with the great Adriana Xenides.
Nine has recently produced UK game show episodes of Tipping Point and Jeopardy both with Australian contestants. It isn’t clear if they are behind the latest game show revival.
Applications close on November 2nd.
I think Graham Norton is quite funny and I like watching his show every Friday night. Graham does pay out on Australians-though, and he did on his show last night the episode with Courtney Coz in it, he is joking and embraces Australian guests, but he should stop it considering he reaches hundreds of thousands of people here every week, he used to give our Danni a really hard time too but he then worked with her on another show in the UK and in a press ad said it’s all for jokes and tv and he likes Danni.
Hopefully this will lead to an Australian revival if it does well. I could see WOF or deal on channel 10. I’d also happily audition for both 🙂
I’d like to solve the puzzle please.
Apparently will be on 10 as primetime specials, going by another TV site.
Interesting that there’s a few game shows, even if they are just specials, filming in the UK. Cheaper? And if successful, then move to Aus?
Filming in the UK because they don’t have to build any sets and they aren’t paying any travel costs because they’re using expat Aussies and British host. Maybe a producer will be flown over but that’s it.
Ten would show it after BB and Neighbours where they currently have a poorly performing News. It wouldn’t be Nine because they have already bet on two shows which are in the pipeline to replace Millionaire. Seven already has UK and Australian versions of The Chase, which are doing well and providing a good lead in for their news.
What’s the guess for channel?
I’m gonna guess Ch10.
There is some speculation they are getting back into studio game shows (I think there’s an unconfirmed report rumour of Deal or No Deal at 6pm).
Plus, Ch10 air Graham Norton.
Is he going to be bagging the Aussies like he usually does at Eurovision and his chat show?
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