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Baldur's Gate 3 Githyanki Creche guide – VG247

Here’s where to find the Githyanki Creche that Lae’zel won’t shut up about.
In Baldur’s Gate 3, one of your main quests will see you running about trying to find a cure for the tadpole that’s crawled into your brain. If you’ve spent any time at all with Lae’zel, you’ll know that she is adamant that there is a cure at the Githyanki Creche, and will urge you to go and find it.
The Githyanki Creche quest can be kicked off during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, but you ideally won’t go there until Act 2. You can go earlier, but your party will be underleveled for some of the fights you will come across, so decide when to go about finding the Githyanki Creche carefully. When you’re finally ready, here’s where to find the Githyanki Creche in Baldur’s Gate 3, and what you need to do when you’re there.
First things first, the ‘Find the Githyanki Creche’ quest will have you searching for Zorru. He can be found in Emerald Grove during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, standing by a small shack in the north of the area.
Speak with him, where Lae’zel will demand his respect. Persuade him to give in to Lae’zel’s demands, and he will explain that a Githyanki has killed his friend, marking the Githyanki’s location for you on your map.
If you leave Emerald Grove before speaking with Zorru, he will move elsewhere, but this isn’t a big deal if you know where to go next!
Head up past the Blighted Village to the northwest of the forest where you’ll find a broken bridge. Jump across and keep heading northwest until you come across a burning inn called Waukeen’s Rest; here, continue to head northwest past the inn rather than going inside.
You’ll eventually come to a wooden bridge. Before standing on the bridge, speak to tiefling Ellyka who is overseeing the patrol beneath it. She will provide you with some colour on the confrontation between the Githyanki, Flaming Fists and dragon, and you can then step onto the bridge to watch a cutscene between the groups play out.
During the cutscene, you learn some interesting factoids about them looking for a weapon. Lae’zel now will now want you to approach the patrol; she’ll run off towards the patrol, so go and follow her.
Her conversation with the other Githyanki does not go as she expects. It turns out the weapon that they want is the artifact that Shadowheart stole, and your powers will tell you that the artifact doesn’t want to leave your party.
So, you can either fight the Githyanki, or simply play along and skip a tough fight; I chose to speak on Lae’zel’s behalf here, as I knew my character would be better equipped for the upcoming checks.
If you then tell the truth about the artifact, the Githyanki will get mad; the knight flies off with the dragon and the other three will attack you. They have a ridiculous amount of actions per character because they’re all fighters, but if you come out of the fight alive, Lae’zel is inspired.
They also have loads of great combat gear and weapons for you to loot. You can then take the Elaborate Slate from the leader, which will then play a cutscene cluing you into the existence of the Githyanki Creche on the other side of the Mountain Pass. This gives you a new quest marker nearby.
If you decide to play along instead of angering the patrol, you’ll have to prevent the Githyanki from using Detect Thoughts on you, and will then have to convince them that you can help with finding the weapon. As a result, you’ll have to pass a check, so we recommend saving here and reloading your game if needed.
If you succeed, the Githyanki commands your party to hunt everyone that was on the ship with you and find the weapon, then the rest of the Githyanki will scarper. You miss out on their equipment this way, but you will also be avoiding a tough fight.
Now, let’s go about tracking down this Githyanki Creche. Press onwards towards the stone arch to the west, which will take you to the Mountain Pass. Before heading onwards, make sure you’ve tied up any loose ends and finished any quests in the area, as if you go too far, there’ll eventually be a point of no return.
Don’t worry about this too much though. At the end of this guide, you’ll still be able to return to Blighted Village, the Goblin Camp, and so forth.
Once you advance through the archway, you’ll be in the Rosymorn Monastery Trail area. You’ll want to keep heading northwest, but Lae’zel will stop to note the markings on the ground; there has to be a Githyanki Creche nearby, and underground, so let’s make our way over to the monastery ASAP.
Hear her out and then continue ahead to grab the Trielta Crags Waypoint. Take a right next, and keep heading west, making your way towards the marker on your map, shown below. Feel free to explore along the way, but mind out for the Death Shepherd and his Necromites, as they’re rather annoying to fight against.
You’ll soon arrive at a cable car which we’ll want to ride downwards, but we need to bring the car to our party first. Interact with the Cable Car Wheel, where you’ll need to pass a Strength check of 15, so have a character like Lae’zel do this.
Once successful, the cable car will arrive and your party will be free to ride in it. You can also climb down the mountain, if you don’t want to draw any attention to your party.
At the bottom, head downwards and north towards the Monastery’s entrance. Reading the signposts will help you if you find yourself lost, and make sure to grab the Rosymorn Monastery Waypoint along the way.
As you enter, a cutscene plays out between the Githyanki and some halflings. Following the cutscene, though, interact with the doors to the Monastery, where the artifact will speak to you again. Your Guardian will also then warn you that the Githyanki are hunting you and will stop at nothing to take the artifact from you. However, leaving will cause friction with Lae’zel, and she’ll leave your party if you do.
To get inside the Creche, you need to go through the broken window on your left, as the doors will never open. Inside there are drunk, aggressive Kobold Looters in the first room that you will need to fight. They’re easy to kill with Fireball because it makes them explode and kill all the others.
Jump up the rocks in the northwest corner of the room, and climb up to the top of the Monastery. When you reach the small pool, there’ll be a barricade you can break using a Fire spell.
In the next room, take a left and then jump over the gap in the floor. You can go into the room on your left, before the gap, and solve the Stained Glass Window puzzle if you wish.
You won’t be able to enter the Enchanted Door here with lockpicking it (which you can feel free to do!), so go through the door to the right of it. Then, we want to continue heading downstairs and deeper into the Monastery. You’ll need to do some more jumps along the way.
At the bottom, you will see a talking bust. Keep going and destroy the barricade over the wall to continue.
Go through the door on your right to enter a new courtyard. In this area, you’ll find that you’re on the opposite side of the locked door from earlier, where you will have witnessed the Githyanki kill the halfling cultist.
Interact with the large statue (and nearby books) in front of the locked door for some more context on the Blood of Lathander.
When you’re ready, go down the stairs to the left of the statue and through the door into the Monastery’s basement. At this point, you’re finally inside the Githyanki Creche, so prepare for some dialogue.
You’ll again be able to speak for yourself, or can have Lae’zel speak for you. We opted to speak rather than Lae’zel, but either way, you’ll be granted entry into the Githyanki Creche provided you pass a Persuasion check.
Feel free to explore the area and grab the Creche Y’llek Waypoint, but when you’re ready to press ahead with the quest, head to the western side of Creche and into the Infirmary.
Don’t make the kids in this room stop playing as it doesn’t go well. Make your way into the backroom, and steal the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen on the desk; don’t worry about the consequences.
Once you bag the parasite, deny the accusation, and then talk to Ghustil Stornugoss who stands in front of the desk.
She ushers you towards the Zaith’isk – the grand structure in the middle of the room – so go ahead and interact with it.
You can either let Lae’zel have a go, or enter yourself. If you let Lae’zel go she doesn’t fare too well. You can then either step in to stop the pain or watch.
If you watch, you can find out that the Zaith’isk has nothing to do with curing people, and that the purification ritual instead kills the participant. If you then continue to let it happen despite all of the protestations, your Guardian seems to destroy the machine. If you instead convince Lae’zel to jump out, the machine also blows up.
In the end, if you can convince Ghustil that the parasite is dead, then nothing happens. If you aren’t able to convince her, the doctor will lock you in the room. When you leave, the Githyanki will be hostile and attack, so we recommend saving before stepping into the Zaith-isk.
If you choose to step inside the Zaith’isk yourself, Lae’zel will be pissed about it, and will actually fight you as a result.
If you head on inside anyway, you have to pass a series of Saving Throws. Passing them will increase the power of the parasite, similar to the quest with Omeluum. Then, everything else plays out like if you’d sent Lae’zel into the Zaith’isk.
After the interaction, the quest to ‘Find the Githyanki Creche’ will be completed. However, we still have a long way to go before our work at the Githyanki Creche is finished.
Lae’zel will now believe that the Zaith’isk was tampered with, and wants to speak with the Inquisitor at the Creche. Make your way to the Captain’s Quarters and speak with the Commander, Kith’rak Therezzyn.
Kith’rak will request to see the weapon – the artifact – but the Guardian will advise you to not tell or show her a thing. That said, sod the Guardian in this instance, and tell Kith’rak that you seek an audience with the Inquisitor, and ultimately give her the artifact.
She will not be able to steal the artifact from you, as the artifact won’t allow for it, but she will send you to meet with the Inquisitor as a result. Make your way through the doorway in the north of the Captain’s Quarters, and continue north through the double iron doors. You will now be in the Inquisitor’s Chamber.
Speak with Inquisitor Ch’r’ai W’wargaz, and at this point, we now know that the Githyanki will betray us. So, refuse to hand over the weapon (artifact). Lae’zel will become increasingly angry, but if you tell the Inquisitor that the artifact protects you from the dark, a battle will start without a hitch.
If you choose a different dialogue and Lae’zel continues to get angry, all you need to do is remind her that there is a traitor, and she won’t become hostile towards you.
You’ll now end up in battle against the Inquisitor. Him and his minions aren’t too hard to combat, fortunately. The main, annoying thing about them is that they’re very good at parrying and dodging attacks. I found my spellcasters to be most powerful here.
Once you beat the Inquisitor, Vlaakith herself will emerge. Regardless of what options you choose, she will ask you to enter the Prism via the Planecaster that she stands upon, saying that someone is inside who needs to be killed.
At the Astral Plane, enter the Beckoning Cave directly in front of you and speak with the Guardian. They will only speak to your player character, so you won’t be able to send Lae’zel or anyone else inside.
Press them for more information, and they will explain that Vlaakith wants them dead because they know a secret of theirs, and that a blackmail of sorts is happening. Refuse to kill them, and they’ll tell you further information about the goddess.
Your Guardian will explain that Vlaakith is lying to her people, and that she would be incapable of stopping an illithid empire, if they returned. Vlaakith doesn’t have the power to resist illithid mind control, even though she claims as much. Your Guardian will then conclude by asking you to head to Moonrise Towers and continue finding the Asbolute.
Once the conversation is over, speak with Lae’zel again, and open your mind to her so that she can see what you have just learnt from your Guardian about Vlaakith. Lae’zel will not be happy, but she needs time to think about it all first.
Return back to the Inquisitor’s Chamber, loot it for everything possible (there’s some good gear in the side rooms), and begin to exit the Githyanki Creche. All the Githyanki will be rather displeased to find their Inquisitor dead, so prepare for battle from start to finish as you try to make your way out of here.
Make sure to loot the Captain’s body, as they’ve a pretty good sword for Lae’zel. Once finally at the entrance of the Creche, you can then make your way back through the Rosymorn Monastery again. When you’re back on safe ground, now is a good time to head for a Long Rest.
At some point in the near future, you should expect a visit from Supreme Kith’rak Voss in the night; he wants to parlay. When you speak with him, he will explain that he is trying to bring about Vlaakith’s demise and will wait at a tavern in Baldur’s Gate for you, which you won’t reach until Act 3. Talk Lae’zel down and she eventually approves, and that’s all you need to do here for now!
Rest up, and then head on your next quest! For more on Baldur’s Gate 3, take a look at how to rescue Volo, and how to save Goblin prisoner, Sazza, if you haven’t already.
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