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Baldur's Gate 3: The best weapons to destroy your enemies with – Dot Esports

Having any of these makes your journey a lot easier.
Baldur’s Gate 3 gives you the ultimate freedom in combat. Not only can you choose to defeat your enemies from close range or long range, but you can also choose to use the environment against them. For best results, defeating them yourself with a powerful weapon is the way to go, and the game gives you access to quite a few of them throughout your journey.
The most potent weapons you can acquire in the game are scattered throughout the three acts of Baldur’s Gate 3. While most of them are legendary weapons, some of the non-legendary weapons can be powerful enough to be used till the final battle with the Elder Brain. The best weapons are all tough to get to, however, so be prepared to search for them.
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To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the best weapons you can get in every playthrough that will make your run much easier. All of these weapons will be listed in the order in which you can acquire them, so you can pick them up as your run progresses through the story.
This weapon is the first powerful greatsword you get in the game, but it is also easily missable if you don’t know where to find it. During the prologue, after you create your character and break out of the Mind Flayer pod atop the Nautiloid, you explore the location and find allies to escape with. After running into Lae’zel and Shadowheart, and defeating some imps, you reach the control panel.
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When you get to the control panel of the Nautiloid, you see a Mind Flayer locked in combat with a powerful hellspawn warrior, Commander Zhaik. The Mind Flayer will order you to get to the control panel, and you will have to do so within a few turns to complete the tutorial, but you can take a short detour first.
Instead of rushing for the control panel, help the Mind Flayer defeat Commander Zhaik. The battle will be difficult since most of your attacks will miss, so we recommend using psychic damage if you have access to it. After defeating Commander Zhaik, pick up the Everburn Blade from his corpse and you have a powerful early-game weapon that can carry your Fighter all the way through to act three.
The Everburn Blade, as its name suggests, is constantly on fire. It is much stronger than a normal greatsword, dealing fire and physical damage with the usual moveset of a greatsword.
This legendary weapon can be acquired quite early in the game for how good it is. Once you complete act one and are on your way to the Moonrise Towers, you will be given the choice of going through the Mountain Pass or the Underdark to get there. If you go through the Mountain Pass, head north before you go to the Shadow-cursed Lands to reach the Rosymorn Monastery.
This is where you will also find the Githyanki creche that will progress Lae’zel’s companion quest. But before the Githyanki took over this place, the monastery held secrets that Vlaakith’s forces could not uncover. The pride of the Rosymorn Monastery, the Blood of Lathander, can be found underground beneath the building. But before we get to it, we have to solve a little puzzle first.
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Gather the three weapons to solve the puzzle at the top, grab the Dawnmaster’s Crest, and then head down to the depths of the monastery. Get past the statues to find the legendary mace enclosed inside a magic structure. Place the Dawnmaster’s Crest in the device and you should have the Blood of Lathander in your hands.
This legendary weapon blinds undead by default and grants access to the powerful Sunbeam spell, a level six Evocation spell that lays waste to all enemies caught in its line of fire.
This very rare staff is a perfect addition to a magic-based class like Sorcerers, Warlocks, or Wizards. Acquiring this weapon is not as straightforward as the others since there is no set location to find the Mourning Frost. Instead, you will have to find the three pieces that make up this weapon and then combine them together to recreate the Mourning Frost.
If you chose the Underdark as your path to the Moonrise Towers, there are three locations of interest to check. The first one is right next to the Selunite Fortress, which is the area you reach if you come down here from the Goblin Camp. Southwest of the fortress is a Spectator that you have to kill. Doing so and talking to Dhourn here will grant you the Icy Helve.
Next, we go to the Myconid colony and find the dead Drow near the vault. Searching this body will give you the Icy Metal. Finally, head west to the giant Sussur Tree and defeat Filro the Forgotten to get the Icy Crystal. Combine these three items to get the Mourning Frost staff, a powerful ice-based weapon ideal for casters.
When using this staff, your cold spells will deal additional damage and gain a chance to chill all enemies hit by them, making the Mourning Frost one of the best crowd-control weapons in the game.
This weapon is acquired near the end of act two, after you finish with the Nightsong questline and convince Shadowheart to not kill the Nightsong in the final moments of the Gauntlet of Shar. Once you brave through the dangers of the Gauntlet and reach the end, you will fight the loathsome Necromancer Balthazar. Defeating him will allow you to talk to the imprisoned Nightsong.
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Talking to her here with Shadowheart in your party will open up a set of dialogues. Navigating through them and convincing her to spare the Nightsong will free Dame Aylin from her captivity. As a reward, Selune’s daughter grants you Selune’s Spear of Night, a powerful Versatile Weapon that can be used by a variety of characters.
This legendary spear grants the wielder Darkvision by default and gives them an advantage on Wisdom saving throws and Perception checks. In addition, the active ability Moonbeam is a powerful level three Evocation spell that creates a pillar of moonlight that damages all enemies caught in it. Finally, the Moonmote class action buffs your allies and cripples enemies that get too close.
You can get this weapon during the first half of act three when you first arrive at Wyrm’s Crossing. When you get to the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington, you will come across a rigged game run by Akari. Pickpocket his ring and spin the wheel to win the game. Out of frustration, he will teleport you and your party to a jungle full of velociraptors.
Defeat them and their matriarch and open the chest that the dinosaurs were guarding to get your hands on Nyrulna, a legendary trident with powerful abilities. Its passive abilities allow you to deal bonus thunder damage on attack and cause an explosion of thunder damage when you throw the weapon. You cannot drop this weapon as it will return to you eventually.
The Nyrulna’s active abilities are no joke either. Zephyr Flash allows you to dash at your enemies and damage them with a chance to cause bleeding. Zephyr Break knocks enemies off balance and clears any fog or cloud effects. Additionally, when you wield the Nyrulna, your movement speed and jump distance increase and you gain immunity to falling damage.
Quite possibly the best bow in the game, the Gontr Mael is acquired quite late into the story, nearing the end of act three. When you decide to take down Enver Gortash, one of the main quests to weaken him will be destroying the Steel Watch that is being produced at the Steel Watch Foundry. The legendary bow you are looking for can be found at the end of this quest.
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Disable the Steel Watch is a long, involved quest that ties into a few other quests like saving the Gondians, rescuing the Grand Duke, and avenging the Drowned. Once you finish these, head into the Steel Watch Foundry and clean house. When you get to the core of the Foundry, you will come face to face with three Steel Watchers and the Steel Watcher Titan.
The battle will be long but defeating the Titan here will grant you the Gontr Mael. This legendary bow is a perfect addition to your endgame build since it has high DPS and a passive ability that fires a Guiding Bolt at the target. Additionally, its active abilities, Celestial Haste grants you Hasted status, and Bolt of Celestial Light adds bonus Radiant damage to all of your bow attacks.
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