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Best Trailer Dollies For 2023 – Forbes

Not everyone is lucky enough to have wide-open spaces for their trailer. If you have a boat trailer, horse trailer, camper or flatbed for other toys, there’s a good chance you have to store it somewhere that doesn’t have a ton of space for maneuverability. It might be tough to get your trailer (and whatever it’s hauling) all the way into that space, including your truck or SUV that you’re using to tow it. The best way to solve for this is a trailer dolly.
A trailer dolly is a handheld wheeled tool that can handle the weight of the trailer and turns on a dime, allowing you to position the trailer just by walking it into position. There are different types of trailer dollies for various weight classes and uses. We’ve compiled some of the best trailer dollies available today, including heavy-duty and even powered dollies, as well as ones that will fit various budgets.
The Tow Tuff dolly has all the things you should be looking for in a trailer dolly. It’s rugged, durable, affordable, and straightforward to use. It features a heavy-duty frame made from rust-resistant steel and features an outer layer that protects against corrosion. Its height can be adjusted between 16.5 and 22.5 inches and it features a 40-inch handle, which can provide solid leverage for lifting. The two 12-inch semi-pneumatic tires are guided by an eight-inch swivel caster and it can easily maneuver in tight spaces. 
Sometimes, simplicity is the best policy. Like the Tow Tuff, the MaxxHaul has a rugged construction, yet it’s even more basic in design. There is no caster and it’s not height adjustable. The hitch is 17 inches off the ground, but in most cases, the trailer you are moving has a height adjustment to compensate. Applications are limited given its non-adjustability and 600-pound weight capacity, but for under $100, it’s a durable, useful option.
If you have the means, there really isn’t anything quite like the RVR12. Looking more like a Mars Rover than a traditional dolly, this motorized setup uses two tracks that are powered by two high-torque AC brushless motors. It is remote-controlled, has an incredible 12,000-pound capacity, and can move trailers at a rate of 120 feet per minute. The battery pack can run the device for 30 minutes and it takes two hours to fully recharge.
The Parkit360 Force10K offers a powered dolly option that’s a fraction the price of the RVR12 and offers the precision of manual control. There are multiple models, with the most capable topping out at 10,000 pounds of capacity. The unit features a 1.5-horsepower Bosch electric motor and comes with “Intelligent Speed Control” toggled via a switch on the side of the dolly. The power is engaged via a simple button on the handle and is incredibly easy to operate.
In some applications, it’s not just enough to be nimble, you’ve also got to be stable and precise. The Trailer Tug is a truly unique product in that there are none with a similar design on the market. The three caster wheels evenly distribute weight and it can hold an impressive 3,500 pounds. The handle is nonadjustable and the wheels are ideally suited for (evenly) paved areas. The simple design means it can pack up and fit into a trunk or pickup bed for use at your destination.
To compile our list of the best trailer dollies, we considered the products most accessible to the widest swath of consumers in the U.S. and weighted our picks by performance, price, and value. We also considered a broad range of end-user ratings and evaluations by multiple testers.
We rate all trailer dollies on the following weighted metrics:
Mike Hagerty contributed to this story.
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