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Car Care Tips Things To Keep In Mind For Longer Tyre Life; Check List – Jagran English

Car Care Tips: Taking care of your car's tyres is essential for car control and preserving your vehicle. Regular maintenance includes wheel alignment, balancing, and tire rotation.
Car Care Tips: The condition of your car’s tyres plays a crucial role in having control over your car while driving. Your vehicle is a product of complex engineering, and when one part, like the tyres, is compromised, it can affect the whole system. To avoid costly repairs later, regular tyre maintenance is advised for their longevity and increased mileage. This includes proper wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre rotation, which are key aspects of keeping your tyres in good health.
Wheel alignment isn’t about adjusting the wheels themselves but tweaking the car’s suspension to ensure proper tyre contact with the road. Misalignment can happen from road bumps or collisions, causing steering issues, vibrations and uneven tyre wear. Alignment correction focuses on three angles: caster for stability, camber for tyre angles and toe for tyre orientation. Achieving alignment means getting these angles in sync so that your car drives smoothly without any vibration.

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Wheel balancing focuses on the balance between the wheel and tyre making sure it’s even. It’s essential for a smooth, stable ride, reducing tyre wear and vibrations while preventing damage to the wheel and suspension. The process involves adding small weights on the wheel rims as instructed by a computerised balancer. If you need a lot of additional weights, you might need to change your tyre or rim.

It’s important to rotate your tyres when you get alignment and balancing done. Tyre wear isn’t the same on all wheels, especially for front-wheel drive cars, where the front tyres endure more pressure from steering and braking. To ensure even wear and extend tyre life, it’s recommended to switch tyres from front to back and even use your spare tyre. There are two rotation methods for four-wheel and five-wheel setups, tailored for different types of cars. Tyre rotation is essential for prolonging tyre life and maintaining performance.
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It’s good practice to perform tyre rotation, wheel alignment and balancing every 6000-8000 kilometres and also when you get a new set of tyres. It helps your tyres wear evenly and keeps your car safe and running well.
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