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E-Win Calling Series Gaming Office Chair Review – Pro Tool Reviews

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It was only a matter of time before people began to realize that the comfort of a gaming chair makes a darm fine office chair, too. Our friends at Medina Law Group were going through an office move, and we used the opportunity to upgrade their Firm Administrator (who happens to be my Bride) to the E-Win Calling Series Gaming Office Chair.
Give yourself about 30 minutes to assemble your chair. Everything comes together with the hex keys that come in the box. You’ll be able to save yourself some time and effort if you have a set of hex adapters for a multi-bit screwdriver or cordless screwdriver. Either way, it’s not a difficult process and we found things moved quickly and easily.
For the chair itself, E-Win starts with a high back design that offers a ton of support through your back and neck along with a comfortably wide seat.
Inside, there’s a cold-cure foam that offers a nice balance of comfort and support. It’s twice as heavy as standard foam with a 55 kg/m3 density that approaches memory foam levels. Overall, it should lead to a longer high-comfort life than chairs that use standard foam materials.
Outside, the chair is covered in polyurethane synthetic leather that’s strong and UV stable. It’s comfortable on any bare skin that’s touching it and a breeze to clean spills off of by simply using a clean cloth. It doesn’t hurt to dampen the cloth if you have something stuck on that needs some extra encouragement to come off. The one slight downside is that some people may notice they sweat more against it than cloth materials.
Moving down to the base, five 360° soft-glide caster wheels make rolling around your office a smooth experience whether you’re on a hard floor or carpet.
As we’ve seen with other E-Win chairs, the Calling Series includes removable/adjustable neck and back pillows to help you create the most comfortable fit. We found that keeping the neck pillow in place was great, but that the lower back pillow kept us from having full upper back support when sitting up straight. It was much more helpful when leaning forward a bit. It’s really all about finding what’s comfortable for the way you’re sitting right now and knowing that you have a lot of options if you adjust your posture.
There are seven key adjustments to help you dial in this chair to your exact needs. Starting from the top, the armrests can move up and down—that’s pretty common. What’s a bit different than you might be used to is that they also move forward and back as well as angling in and out.
Moving down, there’s a seat back adjustment that takes reclining to a whole new level—all the way to 155°. It leans so far back that you can legitimately close your eyes and take a quick nap during your lunch break if you like. Thanks to a wide 5-wheel base, you don’t have to worry about tipping over.
Below the recline lever, there’s a dual-purpose lever. It pushes in to lock the rocking function or out to unlock it. It also twists up to release the height adjustment cylinder. If you’re on the lighter side, it can be a little challenging to get a precise height adjustment. That’s not a surprise considering the cylinder is rated to handle up to 400 pounds.
Finally, there’s a tension knob underneath the seat to set the amount of rocking range you want the chair to have.
The regular price on this chair is $359, but at the time we’re writing, E-Win had it on sale for 25% off, making it $269. The model we reviewed is the CLD and there are 10 different color options available, so be sure to check those out and see which one best fits the room you’re working or gaming in.
There are also CLC and CLE models with additional color options.
When you purchase directly through E-Win, use the code protoolreviews and you’ll get an additional 25% off!
The E-Win Calling Series makes for an excellent upgrade if you’re looking for an office or gaming chair that offers more adjustability to dial in your comfort level for long hours in front of a screen. It also has a durable build that promises to last for many years and is easy to clean.

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