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Efirin (Scent Leaf) Soup Recipe | Videotutorial – FabWoman

efirin soup
Vegetables are a major source of Vitamins and they keep one away from a doctor when consumed. Several amazing recipes have been made from different vegetables.
For today’s post, we’ll be looking at Efirin (Scent leaf) Soup.
Efirin or scent leaf is known for its distinct aroma and medicinal functions which include aiding digestion, treating catarrh and malaria, treating nausea, wound healing, preserving food, and many more.
Efirin Soup is a delicious and healthy soup that should be incorporated into your diet because of its many benefits.
Below is the recipe for Efirin (Scent leaf) Soup.
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1. Wash the Efirin leaves and slice
2. Blend the pepper and onion to a rough texture.
3. If you are using meat/fresh fish, season and boil first.
4. Pour the palm oil into a pot and let it heat for 2 mins.
5. Add the blended pepper and onion and let it fry.
6. Meat/fish goes in next.
7. Add the locust beans, crayfish, and seasoning cube, and let the ingredients simmer for about 5 minutes.
8. Now, add the Efirin (scent leaf), stir and leave to boil for 2 minutes.
9. Serve with Yam or any swallow of your choice.
Below is a video from @1qfoodplatter
Effinrin Sauce ( Scent leaf sauce) : : Scent leaves and Utazi leaves are two favored herbs when it comes to local grills. Sometimes I simply buy my roast yam or plantain and head home to enjoy with my Effirin Sauce. By the way boiled versions of these carbs pair well with the sauce. : : Okay I know yam is more difficult to roast , you have to gauge the intensity of the charcoal heat to get it cooked but not completely burnt. But your Boli can be roasted easily in the oven. So what are waiting for? ——— Vote or no vote today, we move. : : Have a nice weekend. #1qfoodplatter #1qfoodplattervideos #yam #roastplantain #nigerianstreetfood #nigerianfood #nigeriancuisine #scentleaf #nigerianfoodblogger
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