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Flexcon showcases new heavy-duty, fast-draining automation totes – Modern Materials Handling

Flexcon Container (Booth B7411) is debuting its new line of automation totes that have already saved its clients millions in fire suppression equipment costs in addition to solving their materials handling problems.
Flexcon’s fast-draining line of automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) totes are specifically designed to meet strict requirements for tote draining, drastically reducing the need for sprinkler heads and other fire suppression equipment. Totes are integral to warehouses, factories, distribution centers and more; all of which require a high standard of safety.
“The new groundbreaking patent-pending tote line is the fastest draining, most robust and ergonomic tote in the industry with a 31%+ vented bottom,” said Ken Beckerman, president. “Designed to handle application specific loads of 70 pounds or more, the ergonomic heavy-duty straightwall, stackable totes work in most any type of automation, storage and sorting equipment.”
The totes also have impressive, industry-leading drainage speeds, while their innovative structural design helps keep products safe and sound inside the tote.


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