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Flexispot Premium Ergonomic Office Chair C7 Review – Pro Tool Reviews

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Having just set up my favorite legal admin (I’m married to her) with the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus sit stand desk for her office, our attention turned to upgrading her chair to something a bit more professional-looking. So we looked right back where the desk came from and got hold of the Flexispot Premium Ergonomic Office Char C7.
Give yourself about 30 minutes to assemble your chair. Everything comes together with the hex keys that come in the box and it’s an easier process than we’ve seen with other chairs. You’ll be able to save yourself some time and effort if you have a set of hex adapters for a multi-bit screwdriver or cordless screwdriver.
For the chair itself, Flexispot starts with a high back design that plenty of support all the way through your back and neck along with a comfortably wide seat. There’s even a little bit of wiggle room in the arm installation if you’d like a little more width to the arm rests.
For the base, the C7 has a sponge cushion with a generous amount of padding for comfort. There’s also a C7 Pro version that goes with a mesh cushion instead. One of the really nice things about the mesh design is that you have more airflow, allowing for better cooling if your temperature tends to run on the warm side.
Both models feature mesh cushion lumber supports, backs, and head rests that offer both comfort and a modern style. While not as cushy as the other components, the arm rests also have padding around the tops and sides, along with an easy-to-clean surface.
Moving down to the base, five 360° soft-glide caster wheels make rolling around on carpet or hard floors a smooth transit.
There are several key adjustments to help you dial in the C7’s fit to the way you work. Starting with the chair height, the adjustment lever is towards the front on the right-hand side. Pull it up to release the cylinder to raise or lower.
Once you have the height set, you can introduce a forward lean if you prefer. To do that, reach for the lever on the back right and flip it forward (clockwise) to raise the back of the seat up.
Moving to the armrests, they can move up and down, which is something we expect from a premium office chair. However, they also move forward and back as well as angling in and out, and that might not be something you’re used to. Having those extra movements is really helpful if the work in front of you requires your hands to be closer together or spread wide.
Moving to the back, there are a couple of adjustments to work with. You have the ability to let the back rock, lock it into the angle you prefer, and adjust the amount of resistance in the tilt. Thanks to a wide 5-wheel base, you have more than enough stability to sit at whatever tilt angle you like or rock to heart’s content.
The adjustments are in different locations. To unlock the tilt, reach to the knob on the front left side and turn it clockwise. Lean back to the angle that’s most comfortable (up to 120°) and turn it back clockwise to lock in one of five available angles, or leave it and rock away. To adjust the tilt tension, reach for the knob at the front right and turn it clockwise for more tension or counterclockwise for less. We ended up setting it to stay rocking at the highest tension level.
The lever on the front left that houses the tilt lock knob offers seat depth adjustment. Pull up and hold it to shift the seat forward or back.
Moving up to the lumbar support, there’s an adjustment lever on the right side behind your back. The down position unlocks it to move further in or out, and the up position lock it in place. When you have it locked, there’s still some give, offering a combination of comfort and support.
Further up, you have head and neck support. There are no levers or knobs to adjust it. Simply push it down or pull it up to get the height you want. From there, you can tilt it in or out to adjust where it hits your head or neck.
Finally, there’s a tension knob underneath the seat to set the amount of rocking range you want the chair to have.
The regular price on this chair is $429.99, but at the time we’re writing, Flexispot had it on sale for $379.99. If you prefer the C7 Pro version, its regular price is $499.99. With either version, you have the option of an all black or black and grey color scheme.
Flexispot designed its Premium Ergonomic Office Chair C7 to have an incredible amount of adjustment so you can dial in a fit that’s just right. Its versatility is great for a wide range of body types and work environments, plus it has a modern, professional look that fits in just about any office.
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