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Hand Truck: Picks For Your Business Needs – Small Business Trends

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Hand trucks are a simple yet highly effective tool that can transform how you handle your heavy loads and daily tasks, making your operations smoother and more efficient. Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer in a warehouse environment, or an entrepreneur looking for ways to optimize your operations, a hand truck is just what you need. But what is a hand truck? And why is it such an essential tool?
A hand truck, often called a dolly, is a transportation device designed to carry heavy objects easily. It typically consists of an L-shaped frame with a handle at the top, two wheels at the bottom, and a small platform to hold the load. This simple design is a key to its versatility and efficiency, making it a staple in various settings, from warehouses to retail stores and even homes.
Hand trucks have been around for hundreds of years, continually evolving to adapt to different uses and meet the demands of changing times. From the basic two-wheel models to folding hand trucks, convertible hand trucks, stair climber hand trucks, and appliance hand trucks, these tools have revolutionized how we handle heavy objects, reducing the risks of injuries and increasing productivity.


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How Hand Trucks Can Enhance Your Business Operations

Investing in hand trucks is one of the best decisions to boost your business operations efficiency and productivity. A hand truck can carry heavier loads, move items easier, and increase your overall efficiency.
A hand truck helps move heavy loads that would require significant manpower and time. By allowing you to stack boxes or crates onto its platform, the hand truck uses leverage to distribute weight evenly and make lifting heavy objects a breeze. It’s not just a time-saver; it’s also a back-saver!
Hand trucks promote workplace safety by preventing injuries associated with lifting heavy objects. They also save valuable space, especially the folding hand truck models, which can be stored in tight spaces when not in use. This feature is a boon for small businesses where space is at a premium.
Here are just some of the ways hand trucks and dollies can benefit a small business:

  • Increased Productivity: Hand trucks help in moving heavy loads quickly and efficiently. They make tasks faster, which in turn increases the productivity of the business.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: By using hand trucks, businesses can move heavy items with less manpower. Reducing the need for physical labor can lead to significant cost savings.
  • Improved Safety: Hand trucks reduce the risk of injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. They help prevent back injuries, muscle strains, and other potential health issues associated with manual lifting.
  • Versatility: Hand trucks can be used for a variety of tasks. Whether it’s moving stock in a warehouse, delivering items, or rearranging your store, a hand truck can handle it all.
  • Space Saving: Particularly, folding hand trucks can be compactly stored when not in use, saving valuable space, which is often at a premium in small businesses.
  • Durability: Hand trucks are typically made of durable materials like steel or aluminum, making them a long-term investment that can withstand regular use.
  • Easier Transportation: Dollies are perfect for moving items up and down stairs, thanks to models like stair climber hand trucks. They’re also helpful in navigating tight spaces.
  • Prevents Damage: Hand trucks provide a secure platform for goods during transit, reducing the risk of damaging items, which can lead to cost savings on replacements or refunds.
  • Better Inventory Management: By making it easier to move items around, dollies can improve the speed and efficiency of inventory management.
  • Flexibility: Convertible hand trucks can be transformed from a two-wheel upright hand truck to a four-wheel platform dolly, offering more options for moving items.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Hand trucks can ensure faster, more efficient service for businesses that handle deliveries – an important factor in customer satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Hand Truck for Your Business

Choosing the right-hand truck depends on several factors, including the nature of the tasks, the weight and size of the objects to be lifted, and the type of terrain where the hand truck will be used. You must also consider the hand truck’s weight capacity, material, wheel type, and price to make a wise purchase.
For instance, a stair climber hand truck with three wheels arranged in a triangular pattern on each side would be the best option if you frequently need to navigate stairs. In contrast, a folding hand truck, which can be folded into a more compact size, is an excellent choice for those who need to transport items in tight spaces or store the truck in a small space.
An upright hand truck is generally more suitable for heavier loads and is a common choice for warehouse tasks. Conversely, a convertible hand truck, a four-wheel dolly or a platform cart can be transformed from a two-wheel upright hand truck to a four-wheel platform dolly. It offers the flexibility to carry loads horizontally or vertically, which helps move larger, heavier items.

Hand Trucks: Top Picks and Recommendations

Top Pick: Harper Trucks Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck

Runner Up: XSTO Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Best Value: American Lifting Ultra Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly


Unique I-Beam Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Frame

Aluminum alloy frame

I-Beam construction using glass-filled nylon, nylon, alloy steel, and plastic


20 lbs

63 lbs

20 lbs


Convertible from a 2-wheel dolly to a 4-wheel cart

Stair climbing design

Convertible from a hand truck to a cart

Load Capacity

2-wheel dolly: 300 lbs, 4-wheel cart: 400 lbs

Up to 440 lbs

Dolly: 300 lbs, Cart: 400 lbs

Special Features

8″ solid rubber tread wheels, 3″ swivel casters, telescoping handle, built-in frame glides for easy navigation

Fast speed up to 34 steps/minute, extended battery life for up to 117 floors on a single charge, point touch operation button, auto-edge brake system

8″ wheels and 3″ caster wheels, 3-position handle that adjusts up to 58″

Suitable for

Small business transportation needs

Transporting heavy items up or down stairs (e.g., photocopiers, drink crates, beer kegs, stacks of tires, etc.)

Moving boxes, furniture, garage equipment, tools, or lumber at small construction sites

Harper Trucks Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck

hand truck

Top Pick: Harper Trucks’ Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly offer a lightweight yet sturdy solution for all your small business transportation needs. This US-made, versatile device is constructed with a unique I-Beam Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Frame, offering superior strength while being 30% lighter than its steel counterparts.
Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Strong: The unique I-Beam Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Frame is designed for maximum strength while remaining 30% lighter than steel.
  • Durability: The plastic frame is factory-assembled, chemical, corrosion, and rust-resistant, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • Convertible Design: Easily converts from a 2-wheel dolly to a 4-wheel cart in seconds. The 2-wheel dolly holds up to 300 lbs, and the 4-wheel cart carries up to 400 lbs.
  • Reliable Wheels: Features 8″ solid rubber tread wheels and 3″ swivel casters for seamless movement.
  • Telescoping Handle: The three-position telescoping handle and built-in frame glides allow for easy navigation up or down stairs and curbs.

Harper Trucks Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck
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XSTO Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck

hand truck
Runner Up: The XSTO Powered Stair Climber Truck offers a robust and efficient solution for transporting heavy goods up and down stairs. Built with advanced technology, this hand truck provides ease of use and reliability, making it a valuable tool for moving tasks.
Key Features:

  • Lightweight & Sturdy: Constructed from an aluminum alloy frame, foldable toe plate, non-slip rubber tires, and powered by a fast plug design lithium battery, this hand truck offers both lightness and sturdiness.
  • Super Powerful: This hand truck offers an impressively fast speed of up to 34 steps/minute. Its extended battery life allows for up to 117 floors on a single charge. With a load capacity of up to 440 lbs, it provides robust performance similar to a hand truck.
  • Easy to Use: Equipped with a point-touch operation button, an ergonomically designed handle, and an auto-edge brake system, this hand truck allows you to move confidently and safely on all stairs. It only requires a single operator.
  • Multipurpose: This stair-climbing cart allows you to maintain an upright posture on the stairs and provides maximum control over the goods being transported. It’s ideal for transporting items like photocopiers, drink crates, beer kegs, stacks of tires, and more.
  • Package Inclusion: With your purchase, you’ll receive 1 XSTO ZW7200GC electric stair climber, one lithium battery pack, one repair kit, 1 AC charger, one safety belt, and one user manual. In addition, you’re covered by a 12-month warranty policy and lifetime technical support.

The XSTO ZW7200GC Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck is a versatile and powerful tool designed for a wide variety of moving tasks. Its advanced features and robust capacity offer exceptional convenience and efficiency for moving heavy items up and down stairs.

XSTO Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck
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hand truck
Best Value: The American Lifting Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly combines lightweight design with superior strength. Built in the USA, it utilizes glass-filled nylon, nylon, alloy steel, and plastic materials to provide a remarkably sturdy and light solution for handling loads up to 400 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Robust: Weighing only 20 lbs, the I-Beam construction ensures it is super-strong while remaining ultra-lightweight.
  • Versatile: This convertible device serves as a 300 lb capacity dolly for moving boxes, furniture, or garage equipment and a 400 lb capacity cart for transporting tools or lumber at small construction sites.
  • Easy Conversion and Storage: Transforms from hand truck to cart in seconds, with a 3-position handle that adjusts up to 58″. For storage, collapse the handle and store it in a trunk or hang it in a garage.
  • Wheel Design: The 8″ wheels and frame guide effortlessly navigate steps. Rubber is molded onto the wheels for long-term performance. As a cart, the 3″ caster wheels ensure high maneuverability.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: The American Lifting Hand Truck/Dolly/Cart offers superior quality and customer service.

American Lifting Ultra Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly
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HaulPro Junior Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Truck

hand truck

The HaulPro Junior Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Truck is a multi-purpose tool designed for efficient load handling. This versatile device can transition seamlessly from a sturdy two-wheel hand truck to a four-wheel platform push cart, accommodating loads up to 1,000 lbs.
Key Features:

  • Dual Functionality: Easily converts between a two-wheel hand truck and a four-wheel platform push cart, reducing the number of trips required to transport goods.
  • Lightweight yet Durable: Crafted from industrial-grade aluminum, this device offers rust and corrosion resistance. The shock-absorbing, puncture-resistant wheels ensure smooth navigation across different surfaces.
  • Ready-to-Use: Arrives fully assembled with anti-slip ergonomic handles. The platform bed can accommodate up to 1,000 lbs, and the nose extension supports up to 700 lbs.
  • Size and Portability: Features 10″ wheels and measures 52″ L x 41″ W x 44″ H, combining functionality with compact design.
  • Multifunctional Use: Ideal for professional movers and delivery personnel, capable of carrying multiple containers and boxes at once.

As part of HaulPro’s product line, this Junior Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Truck upholds the brand’s reputation for high-quality commercial material handling equipment, perfect for supporting your small business operations.
HaulPro Junior Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Truck

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Mount-It! Stair Climber Hand Truck and Dolly

The Mount-It! Stair Climber Hand Truck and Dolly combine practicality and strength, making moving heavy items effortlessly. Its ability to convert from a hand truck to a dolly offers flexibility, and its sturdy construction ensures its reliability in various environments.
Key Features:

  • Versatile Hand Cart: This industrial-grade, lightweight trolley is designed to help you move heavy objects; perfect for use at home, in the office, for business, travel, or shopping.
  • High Capacity: Constructed from aluminum alloy, it can hold up to 330 lbs on flat surfaces and 264 lbs on stairs. The large, quiet, smooth rubber wheels suit various terrains.
  • Telescoping Handle: The handle can extend up to 42 inches for convenient load handling. Its soft rubber foam grip ensures comfort and improved grip strength.
  • User-Friendly: The hand truck unfolds in seconds for use, and operation is straightforward. A bungee cord is included for securing loads to the hand truck.
  • Compact Storage: It folds down flat for easy transportation and storage in vehicles, under beds, in closets, or in storage rooms. Folded dimensions are 32″ High x 19″ Wide x 2.6″ Deep.

Mount-It! Stair Climber Hand Truck and Dolly
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The Fullwatt Stair Climber Cart streamlines the process of transporting heavy items across uneven surfaces. The tri-wheel design and additional four universal wheels provide superior maneuverability, making it particularly effective for ascending and descending stairs.

Key Features:

  • Robust Build: Constructed from thickened aluminum alloy, with a steel pipe framework and a thickened bottom plate. It can support up to 155 lbs and offers excellent durability.
  • Tri-Climbing Wheels Design: Its six climbing wheels coupled with four universal wheels, provide stability and ease of movement, reducing the effort required in stair climbing or flat surface navigation.
  • Lightweight and Adjustable: This hand cart features a compact, lightweight, easily portable design. Its telescoping handle adjusts between 27″ and 42″ for handling taller loads.
  • Secure Loading Area: The solid platform comfortably accommodates everyday luggage and shopping bags. An included elastic rope ensures goods are fastened securely to prevent turnover.
  • Simple to Operate: Extend the handle by pressing the lock release bar upwards, fold out the hand truck by stepping on the nose plate, and then tilt it back while using your foot to push the nose plate forward.

Fullwatt Stair Climber Cart
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With its thoughtful features and robust design, this dolly by SPACEKEEPER will undoubtedly aid in facilitating your small business operations. Engineered with stainless steel, this black utility cart provides exceptional durability and can handle a weight of up to 500 lbs.
Key Features:
SPACEKEEPER Folding Hand Truck
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Pro-LifT Foldable Hand Truck

The Pro-LifT H-7090 Hand Truck offers a versatile solution for moving heavy items. Its sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and high capacity make it a reliable tool for various moving tasks.
Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: The Pro-LifT hand truck is specially designed to reduce muscle fatigue while lifting or loading heavy items. This design can help make the transport of heavy goods less strenuous.
  • L-Shaped Handle: The heavy-duty dolly has an L-shaped horizontal loop handle that offers secure grip points whether the hand truck is upright or tilted back. This intelligent handle design allows easier control of the hand truck with less strength.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame: The utility truck is constructed with high-quality steel, with welded joints for rust resistance. This large frame can securely carry bigger, bulkier items up to 700 lbs when converted to a 2-wheel upright and up to 900 lbs when switched to a 4-wheel dolly. Despite its robustness, it remains lightweight (38 lbs) and can fold flat for easy storage.
  • Pneumatic Tires: This hand truck features 2 air-filled tires and 2 360-degree swivel casters for easy maneuverability. These tires offer great bounce and cushioning for a smoother ride and less bumping, enabling seamless transport of heavy-duty items.

Pro-LifT Foldable Hand Truck
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Teprovo Dolly Cart and Folding Hand Truck

The Teprovo Dolly Cart and Folding Hand Truck is an incredibly versatile tool designed for a wide variety of uses. Its unique features and robust construction make it a great choice for both home and office use, especially for people who frequently move boxes, luggage, or other heavy items.
Key Features:

  • Multifunctional Hand Truck: The folding dolly cart is designed with two swivel handles covered in soft rubber foam for comfortable use. With a height of 47.24 inches, it’s ideal for tall individuals and eliminates the need to bend over.
  • Material and Parameters: The cart’s body is made of durable aluminum, resulting in a lightweight design (only 11.2 pounds) while maintaining a maximum weight capacity of 309 pounds. When folded, its dimensions are 36″ H x 19″ W x 2″ D. The cart features 7-inch diameter rubber wheels that are 1.3 inches thick for easy mobility.
  • Lightweight, Sturdy and Convenient: This folding hand truck is ideal for home or office use and is easy to transport. It can be easily stored in a car trunk, under a bed, in a closet, or in a storage room. It can handle tasks such as moving boxes, picking up express parcels, transporting garden soil, handling luggage, delivering warehouse goods, etc.
  • Easy to Use: The folding hand cart can be unfolded and used within 3 seconds without assembly. To use, step on the base plate, open the folding trolley, pull out the handle, add the load, and tilt the trolley backward to start moving. It’s important to maintain balance while using it and ensure both wheels land at the same time for maximum longevity.

Teprovo Dolly Cart and Folding Hand Truck
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The FCH Folding Hand Truck is a versatile, compact, and sturdy tool ideal for transporting various items such as boxes, luggage, groceries, and more. Its compact and durable design makes it perfect for home, auto, office, and travel use.
Key Features:

  • Convenient & Easy Usage: This hand truck features a telescoping handle that extends from 24 to 39 inches at the push of a button, allowing for easy maneuvering. It also comes with a bungee cord for securing items and is lightweight for easy handling.
  • Compact Folding Size: This hand truck is designed for easy storage and transportation, folding down into a very small footprint that’s only 2 inches thick. Its unfolded dimensions are 39.37″ x 15.75″x 15.35″.
  • Sturdy Structure: Built from durable and rust-proof aluminum alloy, this hand truck is designed to last. Its high-quality wheels allow for smooth and quiet movement and can hold up to 165 pounds of cargo.
  • Fashionable Design: The FCH Folding Hand Truck features a timely design and is extremely versatile. It can be used when shopping, traveling, moving boxes or storage containers, and can also serve as a car seat carrier or luggage cart.
  • Ideal for: This hand truck is perfect for travelers, trade show exhibitors, couriers, and anyone else who frequently moves boxes and other items from place to place.

The FCH Folding Hand Truck offers a combination of compact size, sturdy structure, and easy operation. It is a practical solution for various transportation needs and is well-suited for individuals who require a reliable tool for moving items.
FCH Folding Hand Truck
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Proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensure your hand truck can handle your heavy-duty tasks for years to come. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and wheel checks should be part of your maintenance routine. Always watch for signs of wear and tear, like cracks or warping in the frame, and have any issues addressed immediately.
Another essential maintenance aspect is to ensure the wheels and axles are always in good condition. Wheels play a critical role in hand trucks’ maneuverability and overall performance. Solid rubber, pneumatic, or semi-pneumatic wheels should be kept in optimal condition for smooth and efficient operation.
Load capacity differs from one model to another, but most hand trucks can handle between 300 and 500 pounds. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing to ensure it fits your needs.
Yes, certain models, especially those with large pneumatic tires, are designed to navigate uneven terrain. They can roll over bumps, cracks, and gravel surfaces without damaging the load or the hand truck.

What are the safety measures to consider when using hand trucks?

When using hand trucks, ensure you don’t exceed the stated weight limit and distribute the weight evenly. It’s also crucial to secure the load with a strap if necessary and always use the correct lifting technique to prevent injuries.

Are folding hand trucks as durable as the traditional ones?

Yes, folding hand trucks are made from durable materials like steel or aluminum and can handle the same heavy-duty tasks as their non-folding counterparts. The folding mechanism is designed to withstand frequent use without compromising the truck’s strength.

How often should I service or maintain my hand truck?

Generally, you should inspect your hand truck before each use for any signs of wear or damage. As for maintenance, it will depend on how frequently it’s used. Heavy-duty or daily usage requires more regular maintenance than occasional use.
As you’ve seen, hand trucks are not just another piece of warehouse equipment. They are productivity-boosting, space-saving, and injury-preventing tools that can take your business to new heights. By choosing the right-hand truck for your needs and maintaining it properly, you can ensure it serves you well for years to come.
From heavy-duty upright hand trucks that can lift hundreds of pounds of material to lightweight aluminum hand trucks designed for easy maneuverability, there are options to suit every business need. The trick is identifying your specific requirements and finding a hand truck that meets them.
Remember, the right-hand truck isn’t necessarily the most expensive or the one with the most features. It’s the one that makes your tasks easier, your team more productive, and your operations more efficient. And when you find that perfect hand truck, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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