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High Heel Hacks Women Should Know – FabWoman

High Heel Hacks For Nigerian Women 2019
High heels have the magical power to make women feel confident, sexy and stylish, but not without a price. From blisters and aching feet to seemingly impenetrable new pairs of shoes, we simply accept the side effects of wearing heels.
And while it’s totally worth it sometimes, we’re here to say you don’t have to suffer for fashion. These genius high heel hacks from beauty Youtuber, Omabelle will sweep you off your sore feet and make wearing heels a breeze.
You can use heat to soften the material of your new shoes. Using a blow dryer, blast your shoes with air (make sure to move the blow dryer around to evenly distribute the air and avoid melting the material).
High Heel Hacks Blowdryer Omabelle
Once the material is warmed up and more pliable, gently twist and bend the shoes in the centre to break them in. Don’t go overboard and bend them so far that they don’t return to their natural shape, or so hard that they break.
High heel hacks tape
There’s a nerve that splits between your third and fourth toes that causes pain when pressure is put on it. To relieve some of that stress on your poor little toes, tape your third and fourth toes together with some medical tape or a band-aid. Obviously, this trick only works with closed-toed shoes where your third and fourth toes aren’t exposed.
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Baby powder high heel hack
After walking around in your heels they might tend to get sweaty which would make you uncomfortable and also leave dirt marks on the insole of your shoes. To avoid sweaty feet rub some baby powder on your feet and toes just before you wear your heels.
Check out other hacks in this video by Nigerian Youtuber, Omabelle

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