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How to get the Archon archetype in Remnant 2 – Polygon

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Dataminers discovered the class, but you’ll still need to find it
Shortly after Remnant 2’s July 2023 release, a group of dataminers known as the Cult of the Door broke the code on the game’s biggest secret and unlocked the Archon archetype by getting through a mysterious portal that’s perplexed fans since launch. Oh, and before you go off on these industrious folks for “ruining” the reveal, Remnant 2 principal designer Ben Cureton said shortly after the Archon’s unearthing that it was always meant to be “revealed by those with the ability to see between worlds.”
The Archon is one of the best archetypes in Remnant 2, with a suite of skills revolving around the use of weapon mods. Fittingly, it’s also one of the toughest to unlock. Here’s the rundown of everything you’ll need to add this unique class to your Remnant 2 arsenal.
Unlocking the Archon archetype in Remnant 2 is all about your fit. While navigating the game’s Labyrinth area, you may have noticed there was still one strange, corrupted portal left with no obvious way to open it. Come to find out, it’s only accessible if you’re sporting very specific gear. The loadout in question includes a variety of items, some easy to get and others more obtuse, so let’s go through them one by one.
Simply beat the campaign to get the Explorer archetype and level it to 10 to unlock Fortune Hunter.
Progress through the “Nightweaver” quest (found while exploring the Tormented Sanatorium in Losomn’s Morrow Parish) until acquiring the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. Head to the Corrupted Harbor checkpoint in Root Earth (the final area in the campaign) and find a passage leading from the ship’s engine room to a large, circular arena outside. There, you’ll find a Root corpse surrounded by a blue mist.
Equip the Dreamcatcher and attack the Root, which will play a special animation and reward you with a consumable called Walker’s Dream. Using the item will teleport you to the Twilight Vale, where you’ll face off against Bane, a boss who drops a Wooden Shiv upon being defeated. Take this item to Wallace in Ward 13 to craft the Serrated Root Blade, also known as the Invader archetype’s engram.
And finally, level the Invader archetype to 5 to unlock Worm Hole.
Whispers in Ward 13 sells the entire Realmwalker armor set after you’ve completed the campaign. It’s also the Explorer’s starting armor, so if you began a new campaign with that archetype, you should already have it in your inventory.
Complete the “Seeker’s Keys” quest on N’Erud by defeating Sha’Hala without using the Override Pin. Speak to the Custodian until he sends you away, and then wait 12 real-world hours for him to finish his work. (Setting your computer’s clock ahead does the trick too.) Upon trying to return to N’Erud, you’ll find every area corrupted except for a new one, Alepsis-Taura. Head there to pick up the Void Heart.
Visit the Red Throne on Yaesha and agree to kill the Corruptor for the Eternal Empress. Be as deferential to her as possible while selecting dialogue options. Progress through Yaesha, defeat the Corruptor boss, and return to the Eternal Empress. Don’t give her anything you found during your quest to receive the Seal of the Empress. Equip this ring and visit the library off the Red Throne’s main hall. A secret door will open in the floor leading to a small room where Ford’s Scattergun is waiting for you.
Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss in (you guessed it) the Labyrinth and take the Conflux Prism it rewards you to McCabe in Ward 13. She’ll turn it into the Cube Gun.
Make your way to the portal in the Labyrinth that rotates between several exits, but instead of stepping through, head down the path to the left. After dispatching a few normal enemies, you’ll find a small staircase leading to what appears to be a deadly drop. The rocks below will form a platform for you, so hop off and follow the walkway to what appears to be another dead end. Wait here for a platform to appear and quickly jump across before it explodes.
A little more walking will bring you to a boss named Bastion. Kick its butt and grab the Labyrinth Staff from an altar near the back of its arena.
Reggie in Ward 13 will carry this amulet after you belly flop 100 times while wearing ultra-heavy armor.
Purchase from Cass in Ward 13. Her stock rotates, so if she doesn’t have it at first, travel to a different world and then back to Ward 13 until she carries it.
Reggie sells this ring after you’ve died several times. Some folks say it takes half a dozen deaths, some say as many as 15, so just keep jumping off cliffs until he shows you mercy.
Purchase from Whispers in Ward 13 after completing the campaign.
Travel to the Ashen Wasteland in Root Earth and progress to the first mini-checkpoint. Keep heading along the obvious path until you see a downward ramp. The wall behind this ramp should have a small opening you can crouch through to find a small area hiding this ring.
With all that done, it’s finally time to head back to the Labyrinth. Make your way back to the portal that cycles between multiple exits and wait until you see this:
Wait a couple seconds and jump through. Much like during your quest for the Labyrinth Staff, a rocky pathway should appear and save you from plummeting into the void. Run forward to the larger platform, defeat the enemies, and then head to the second room on the right. It’s here you’ll find the corrupted, in accessible portal. Equip the gear listed above and, if you did everything right, you should be able to step through the now-open doorway.
Doing so will place you in an area known as the Backrooms, based on the popular internet creepypasta of the same name. The Backrooms are incredibly hard to navigate, especially since you only have 90 seconds before being spat back out into the Labyrinth, so be sure to follow the datamined map below to find everything this spooky space has to offer:
As for what everything does, the Bisected Ring grants infinite stamina while increasing all damage done to you by 25%, the Gunfire Games Lanyard amulet makes it so your guns automatically reload over time, and the Strange Box is what you’ll take back to Wallace in Ward 13 so he can craft it into the Hexahedron engram, which unlocks the Archon archetype.
Remnant 2’s Archon archetype is all about weapon mods.
The class’s unique trait, Flash Caster, increases mod and skill casting speed by 5% with every point you put into it.
Tempest, the perk you get by equipping Archon as your primary archetype, generates 2 mod power per second and increases all mod generation by 50% for six seconds after you use a mod.
The Archon’s starting skill, Reality Rune, creates a large, protective dome that slows enemies and enemy projectiles while boosting you and your teammates’ defenses by 25%. Some of the perks you’ll gain as you improve the archetype include Amplify, which provides a passive 5% mod damage boost that increases with every level, and Spirit Within, which reduces mod power requirements by 15%.
As for what you’ll get if you choose Archon at the beginning of a new campaign, the archetype’s initial loadout includes a unique Labyrinth armor set, the same heavy-duty Bonesaw machinegun as the Medic, the lightning-spitting Enigma sidearm, and the Labyrinth Staff.
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