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'I’m 23 weeks pregnant. Here are the 5 items new parents told me I’ll (actually) need for the nursery.' – Mamamia

I have been pregnant for what feels like four hundred and five very long years, and in that time I have courted more advice than I know what to do with.  
One of my most pressing questions to anyone I know who has had a child is “okay so what do I actually need to buy and what is a waste of money?”
That isn’t to say I always appreciate their answers. For example, newborn baby shoes. Apparently they’re not strictly necessary. Also, fancy overalls. Or silly hats and linen dresses. Such items were not at the top of anyone’s list. Then there are the products that sound made up. A parent will sometimes lean in and whisper in my ear, “don’t listen to them, you don’t need the pee wee stick-a-bee peek-a-boo snugaroo, just get the bugaboo lullaby ding dong for half the price.” With all due respect, what are they talking about?
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In the last month or so, I have felt an urge unlike anything I’ve experienced to set up a space for my little girl. I can feel her kicking and somersaulting in my belly as if to remind me that this whole womb situation is getting quite cramped, and have you looked into a generous sized armchair? (Yes.) 
There are so many things we can’t prepare for when we’re pregnant. The birth will be unpredictable. I don’t know if my baby will sleep or how my body will cope with breastfeeding. But what I buy, and the room I set up for my newborn, is a tiny part of the whole process I can control. 
So here are the 5 items new parents told me I’ll actually need for the nursery. 
It turns out babies need to sleep in… something. 
Lots of parents explained to me that, in fact, the baby will likely sleep in our room for the first few months at least. That might be a bassinet or a cot, there are a bunch of options, but you’ll want the baby close. 
2973.203149606299x4032 990050780850Image: Supplied.
We settled on the Winnie Cot from Amart as the centrepiece of our nursery, mostly because the base height is adjustable. That means that when she is little, we can have the cot up higher, and as she grows into a toddler, we can transform it into a toddler bed. 
A LOT of parents told us that the mattress you choose for the cot really matters. They learned this the hard way when they tried to travel with a baby, using port-a-cots or whatever was available. Babies might be small, but damn they’re picky.
We selected the Dream Elegance Coen Pocket Spring Cot Mattress, made of 100 per cent polyester, which basically means it’s breathable, allowing the baby to regulate their own temperature. 
2765.010218978102x3867.188321167883 930599766353Image: Supplied.
Once we set up the cot with the Perago Baby Manchester sheets, I nearly jumped in. This baby will be sleeping better than we are. Ha. 
No, seriously please. Sleep through the night. For mummy and daddy. 
Having a really comfortable, supportive armchair to feed and cuddle your newborn is one of the first things a lot of parents recommend. 
But none of this no arm rest business. Because, WHAT ARE YOU MEANT TO LEAN YOUR ELBOWS ON, THINK ABOUT IT. 
We fell in love with the Samuel Nursery Chair and Ottoman, which earned bonus points because you can put your feet up at the same time. The chair itself is super firm and supportive, which was a plus for someone in the grips of pregnancy lower back pain. The ottoman also has hidden storage which is something parents tell me you can’t ever have enough of. 
3024x4031.9999999999995 864862583708Image Supplied.
2594.312408759124x3784.7824817518244 380925603599Image: Supplied.
If there’s one thing I’ve heard from just about every parent, it’s this: “you won’t believe how much you’ll think/talk about poo.” 
I don’t like this very much. 
My baby will never poo and instead she will be in her overalls with little baby shoes on and a bow in her hair that never falls out.
But if she does happen to need the… toilet… several times a day, it seems a change table is a non-negotiable. 
Many parents have told me nappy changing is a complicated dance with wipes and bags and a fresh nappy and basically you need several things within arm’s reach. 
We chose the Camlet 3 Tier Change Table which has three large shelves that provide ample storage. It also comes with caster wheels meaning you can wheel it all over the house, for whenever/wherever you need it. For extra comfort the Camlet Change Table comes with a change pad, with soft and comfy padding as well as a detachable pillow. 
3024x4031.9999999999995 9288969752Image: Supplied.
It’s normally at this point in this conversation that I start yelling “OK BUT WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT ALL HER CUTE MATCHING SOCKS AND T-SHIRTS THAT SAY ‘GRANDMA’S LITTLE GIRL,” and finally people concede that she will need (tiny) clothes (mostly onesies).
We selected the Winnie Tall Chest, which matches the Winnie Cot and goes perfectly with our change table. It is designed with safety at the forefront and has plenty of space to fit the 300 outfits I’ve already purchased. 
3024x4031.9999999999995 816350199339Image: Supplied.
These items are the staples of my brand new nursery. I can’t wait to bring my little girl home and have her remark on how much she loves the decor. 
I think she’ll love the beautifully carved sustainably sourced Australian Araucaria wood that makes up her cot and also the utility of the ottoman. 
I can already tell baby has great taste. 
Now to pick out some tiny sneakers… 
Create your dream nursery today with Amart’s stylish and affordable nursery furniture. 
All Amart’s nursery products comply with Australian/New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 2172-2013 and has been certified at the manufacturer origin and Australian testing facilities.
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