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Oil Heaters in India: Reliable, Safety, And Less Power Consumption – Jagran English

Oil Heaters: Oil heaters are safe and consume less energy as compared to electric one. If you are looking for the same, then check out the most popular options available online on Amazon.
Oil Heaters: Room heaters are convenient home appliances that become of essential parts, especially during the winter months. As wearing warm clothes is not enough to bear the chilly winter, the room heater helps to adjust the room temperature and makes it comfortable.  

If you are looking for a heater, then check out oil heaters that are safe and consume less energy. Here are the top picks that you need to check before buying one.  The oil room heater uses convection mode to heat up the room. Check out the best suited for your room and budget.  

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The room heater is one of the must-have appliances during the winter season. Check out these oil heaters that are best for the home and are easily available on Amazon.  

oil heater

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This Room heater comes with a caster wheel for easy mobility and is a perfect choice for every home. This Oil heater comes with overheat protection and tilt over switch for better safety. The thermostat consumes 2000 Watts of energy and is one of the best oil heaters in India. 

This Havells heart comes with a PTC fan that plays a crucial role in dispersing the heat quality and makes it better for any room with medium to large size. Havells Room Heater Price: Rs 8,490

oil heater

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This Morphy Richards oil heater comes with 9 fins that ensure that the earth reaches in the very corner of the room. It has an adjustable thermostat to maintain the desired room temperature. 

This Oil room heater comes with 4 caster wheels for easy mobility and the 2000 W power ensures instant warmth which makes it one of the best room heaters in India.  Morphy Richards Room Heater Price: Rs 6,789.

oil heater

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Bajaj is one of the leading manufacturers of room heaters in India, this oil heater is ideal for heating efficiency with 400 PTC ceramic fans. It has an adjustable thermostat that fulfills all of your heating needs in a room.  

The oil heater performs its operation quite smoothly and silently and is quite comfortable during winter. Bajaj Room Heater Price: Rs 8,999

oil heater

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This Glen oil heater comes with 9 fins to circulate the hot oil to maximize the heat circulation in the room. It comes with a thermostat that provides complete control in temperature and it will switch on and off automatically to maintain the desired temperature. 

It has an ISI-marked heating element which is completely safe for your home. GLEN Room Heater Price: Rs 7,245

oil heater

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Kenstar is one of the famous brands in India that has a wide range of electronics products. This oil heater comes with 13 fins that allow the heater for instant heating and it has 3 heating modes so that you can adjust as per the requirement. It is one of the best oil heaters for homes.  Kenstar Room Heater Price: Rs 9,390

Q.  Do oil heaters burn a lot of electricity?
They use oil to get heated and stay longer heated which helps to consume less electricity as compared to normal room heaters. 

Q. What are the disadvantages of oil heater?
They are a bit costly as compared to others and they take a bit of time to get heated 
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