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Protective Styles For Natural Hair | Photos – FabWoman

asy protective hairstyles nigerian women
So you joined the Natural Hair Gang, yet you do not have enough time to pamper your hair like the natural hair gurus.
Well, you are not alone. Every lady with natural hair understands that caring for her hair can be quite tasking. There are so many steps involved and products to be used and there is not just enough time.
Sometimes one doesn’t know which styles to make and for this reason, many women have switched to wigs to protect their hair and save themselves the stress.
Today we’ll be sharing 7 easy protective styles for the natural hair lady who is always on the move.
asy protective hairstyles nigerian women
Faux locs mimic dread locs and is available in different designs and styles. Locs can be achieved using Brazilian wool, crochet hair or Marley hair. It is easy to do and can be worn for a long time.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
Crochet twists are one of the easiest protective hairstyles ever. The great thing is they also come in different designs, sizes, colors, and lengths. They are easy to install, maintain and reusable. The perfect hairstyle for the naturalist on the go.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
The Afropuff is one of the easiest protective styles ever. All you have to do is pack your natural hair neatly in a bun and clip in your hair extension. This gives your hair some volume and still allows you flaunt your real hair.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
The two strand flat twist is another great way to protect your tresses without hiding it under wigs. This style helps retain length and also locks in moisture.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
The Fulani inspired braids has to be one of the cutest styles ever. Not only do you look like a Nubian queen you also help to protect your hair. Ensure that your edges are left alone so as not to damage your frontal hair.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
The Mohawk or frohawk like some people prefer to call it is also another favorite. You can either braid the sides of your hair or lay it down with some gel to achieve the mohawk look.
easy protective hairstyles nigerian women
The Ghana weaving hairstyle is another popular protective style. It is easy to do and inexpensive. It also lasts for about 3weeks depending on how it is maintained.
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