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The Best Side Tables For Under $100 – House Digest

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Awe-inspiring interior design is defined by a combination of compatible furniture, decor, flooring, and walls. Side tables have a small presence but a large impact on a room’s convenience and cohesive style. When picking out a side table to accentuate your interior, you should search for choices that suit your own tastes while providing ample storage for lighting, decorations, and knick-knacks.
Hayneedle claims that side tables come in designs befitting most interior design styles. These styles include popular picks like farmhouse, mid-century modern, modern, and transitional. Although smaller than other furniture pieces, these tables can be outfitted with various features. Depending on the design, these tables can contain drawers, attachable baskets, nesting capabilities, and tray tops for moving items around your home.
Even if you’re on a budget, your chosen table should fulfill your needs and meet your standards for furniture. Do you prioritize having items that are easy to clean? Do you prefer items that provide ample storage or are easy to assemble? Scout & Nimble recommends considering color, durability, function, material, size, shape, and weight before deciding. You should keep these conditions in mind when searching for the perfect table to ensure you make a satisfying purchase, even if you’re aiming to spend less than $100.

The Wood and Metal Round End Table from Target is priced at a low $30. Target provides an additional furniture protection plan for two years, and purchasing this plan still keeps your spending under $100. This table is simple in design and has an average five-star rating from over 500 reviews from satisfied customers.
It comes in three popular colors — black, espresso, and natural wood — making it an easy addition to most room styles. Not sure what color to go with? According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, black furniture is timeless, and you’ll find a use for this furniture even if you change up your style in the future. In addition to its great color options, this table has two circular shelves, providing added storage in a compact area.
The simple round shape is held together with a steel frame, making it sturdy but easily assembled. Daily maintenance is simple — you only need to spot clean with a wipe to remove dust or accrued grime as it appears. There are no special cleaning instructions to keep in mind, making it a cheap, stylish, and easy addition to any bedroom, living room, or office space. If you’re a fan of this table’s ease and style, you’ll be happy to know it’s a part of a larger collection, which is sold in-person at Target stores and on their website.

The Mayville Tall End Table from Wayfair costs $63.99 normally and has an additional five-year protection plan available for only $11.99. With over 900 reviews rating it 4.7 out of five stars, this table will likely meet your functional and stylistic needs.
It features a wooden top, mesh shelving, and metal framing, giving it an industrial and rustic look. The black steel frame is held up by adjustable feet that keep the table steady and keep the product from wobbling. The top wooden shelf can hold up to 44 pounds, while the mesh metal shelves can support up to 11 pounds each. Materials Inc. applauds metal mesh fixtures to be resistant to wear and tear over time, proving this item’s durability. You can assemble the metal shelves flat or angled, depending on your needs and what you plan on storing. If you prefer, you can even opt to take out the bottom metal shelves — the table is still stable without them. This table is both versatile and functional, making it a favorable addition to living rooms and bedrooms alike.

Fans of classic art nouveau-style furniture will appreciate this end table from Walmart, which costs $69.24 when purchased online. According to Design + Deliver, furniture designed in this style is inspired by the early 1900s, when carpenters and furniture makers crafted items to be curvy and ornamental.
The table is crafted from oak and engineered wood, and over 100 reviewers complimented this table with a 4.7 rating out of five. It is made of 10 different pieces, which are expertly carved to slide and spin into one another. The convenient design requires no tools to assemble, making it an easy one-person job.
Like most art nouveau-inspired furniture, this table comes in several matte finishes, including antique navy, blue, brown, gray, green, honey pine, yellow, and white. The wide variety of colors makes it fit for bold and pastel-colored rooms. Just be aware of price changes — some of the colors are priced over $100. Previous purchasers of this table commend its sturdiness, making it perfect for holding accent lighting, decorative vases, and books.

People with more eclectic tastes will appreciate this stylistic accent table. With metal framing twisted in the shape of birds and leaves, this glass-top table has an elegant style appropriate for indoor and outdoor locations. The iron design is painted in bronze and brass coloring, giving it a rustic feel for modern and Mediterranean-style rooms.
You can purchase this iron table for only $89.73 from Home Depot, and it requires no assembly since it comes in one piece. All you need is a damp towel to wipe it clean, and the manufacturer recommends no harsh cleansers or polish. Since it is a glass-top table, Me and My Glass recommends being careful when setting heavy or hot items on its surface. Small cracks and sudden temperature changes can weaken glass material and make it more prone to shattering. However, being careful with this table is a small price to pay for the elegant look and simple maintenance. This table can hold up to 35 pounds, meaning it can hold a large amount of weight before you need to worry about overburdening the surface. If you’re a fan of this table’s sophisticated style, you can find a similar design for around the same price also at Home Depot.

If functionality is a characteristic you look for in an end table, the Latitude Run End Table from Wayfair may be exactly what you’re looking for. This table is shaped for practicality, is under $100, and has a 4.6 average rating from previous buyers. It has a unique C-shape and sits on wheels, allowing you to position it over your bed, couch, or other seating areas. If you aren’t sure about the wheel feature, you should know the wheels lock into place, keeping this item from sliding out of place when you’re stationary. There shouldn’t be much weight placed on this table, meaning it’ll be unlikely to scratch and scuff your floors as you slide it around your room. Such problems are usually reserved for office chairs since they are designed to hold your total body weight. Suppose you want an extra barrier of protection. In that case, The Office Oasis recommends investing in quality caster wheels, which can help to protect hardwood or other easily damaged flooring types.
Aside from the mobility feature, the tabletop is 19.7 inches by 14.2 inches, making it wide enough to hold portable laptops, dinnerware, books, and other household necessities. It also comes in either white or black, allowing you to accent your room with dark or light colors as you see fit. The surface is constructed with a unique material resistant to stains, burns, and other physical damages. The metal framing is sealed in an anti-rust coating, ensuring your table can maintain its condition over years of use. Various reviewers commend this tabletop for being great for small spaces due to the compact size and two extra shelves for storage.

When decorating a room, many homeowners struggle with what they should put in the corner of a room. With this table, you don’t need to worry about finding filler decorations. It has a curved shape that can perfectly slide into any corner, giving you three tiers of shelving to hold indoor plants, trinkets, photos, and any other household items. Sold by Wayfair, this modern table costs only $59.99 at full price.
You can select the tabletop and base colors. Choose black, bronze, chrome, or white for the bases, and black, clear, or gray for the top. With its shiny glass design, this table is scratch- and warp-resistant and easily maintained with mild soap and water. The feet are made of plastic that won’t scratch your floors, although you can purchase additional foot pads to ensure your floor’s protection.
It has a nearly perfect five-star rating from reviewers who claim it’s exactly what they were looking for. Just be aware of the dimensions; The table is less than 30 inches high despite having three levels of shelving. Its height and design make it a better choice for smaller rooms, as it may not be large enough to complement other furniture pieces in a large dining or living room.

Sold by Amazon, the Omega End Table is listed for just under $100. With three levels for storage, this table sports a geometric design that meshes with traditional, rustic, transitional, modern, urban, and contemporary interiors. Purchasers can choose between 10 different color combinations, including cherry and black, natural wood and white, black, dark blue, red, cranberry red, espresso, gray, light blue, and white. The espresso option slides seamlessly into a farmhouse living room, while the white version blends in with a glam-focused aesthetic. More popular options may rise above your $100 limit, so be wary while browsing the various options.
Convenience Concepts also sells other items from its Omega Collection through Amazon, allowing you to add bookcases, TV stands, console tables, and coffee tables if you’re happy with your side table purchase. Over 1,000 reviewers have given this piece of furniture a 4.6 rating average, praising its value, sturdiness, and ease of assembly.

Fans of clean lines in their interior design will appreciate this geometric table for $88.99 at Wayfair. With a nearly perfect five-star rating, this table comes in four colors, two in matte paint and two with a natural wood grain look. You can choose between oak and anthracite if you have more organic tastes, or dark brown or white finishes if you prefer modern designs. This table features multiple divided surfaces for holding your belongings, making this piece ideal for displaying seasonal and diverse collections.
Made of manufactured wood, this table has several benefits over its solid wood counterparts. According to WoodWorkly, this type of table does not warp or dent as easily as traditional wood and is easy to maintain over time. You can repaint the engineered wood if it does chip, making aesthetic repair jobs easy even if you don’t have professional furniture restoration experience. It does require assembly, but all tools are included in your order.

Most interior design connoisseurs are familiar with IKEA, a brand that constantly updates its lines of affordable and minimalistic furniture. The storage table from its ÄNGESBYN line comes in two sizes; the smaller table costs $69.99, while its larger twin costs $94.99. These tables feature a wood surface, metal framing, and a cloth basket, serving a warm rustic look while maintaining minimalistic qualities.
The basket can hold throw blankets, decorative pillows, and other household knick-knacks, helping you maintain a tidy room by masking the clutter inside. According to GDC Home, adding fabrics to a room is a great way to add texture and create a more inviting space. If you aren’t a fan of this cozy look and prefer a more industrial style, you can remove the fabric insert, leaving only the wire basket behind.
The wood is stained a light pinewood color, while the basket is made of an off-white polyester, making it a great fit for rooms with similar color schemes. To maintain this furniture, all you need to do is wipe the harder surfaces and hand wash the fabric bag. If your bag is damaged due to improper cleaning procedures, IKEA provides replacements if you call its customer service number.

If you’re looking for a traditional side table with a convenient drawer system, look no further than the Steel End Table from Walmart. This classy side table is a part of a larger Better Homes & Gardens Steel Collection and befits various interior styles, including but not limited to contemporary, modern, classic, and traditional.
It has two shelves and a lower drawer, providing storage space for displayable items and things you prefer to keep hidden. The manufacturer boasts its product can be used as an end table, printer table, or plant stand, making it useful for various furnishing needs. You can order or pick up this table in either an espresso or walnut finish.
Almost 150 reviewers give this table an average 4.5-star rating due to its sturdy structure. Weighing nearly 60 pounds, this table is more heavy-duty than most options within the same price range. Although sturdy furniture tends to hold up longer, Arad Branding reminds decorators that bulky furniture is more difficult to transport. This makes this type of furniture impractical for people who live in upper stories in apartment complexes unless they have elevators.

The Mainstays Farmhouse Side Table from Walmart has a nearly perfect five-star rating and is priced at a low $59.00. This cottagecore-style table sports a simple but cozy design that easily coordinates with other farmhouse furniture. It comes in black if you want a more modern look, and it’s sold in rustic weathered oak or rustic gray if you want to keep its country-esque vibe.
The table is made of manufactured wood, and both shelves can hold up to 66 pounds, making it a sturdy and reliable table that you can decorate as you please. In addition to functionality, this is a great table for people interested in recent interior design trends. According to Star Furniture & Mattresses, farmhouse-style furniture arose in popularity when the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” ran several features on homes that mixed cozy and elegant styles. Farmhouse furniture has been a hit among homeowners since the late 20th century and early 21st century.

This handmade wooden side table is shipped fully assembled from Etsy and made entirely from natural wood. The seller has an average five-star rating on its products, and this side table is one of its top products. It features a unique but simplistic design with three tiers of shelving. You can place this handcrafted item in a corner or next to other furniture, making it highly versatile as an accent piece.
The seller offers 10 different finishes, allowing you to customize this piece to complement most room color schemes. You can choose between natural colors, such as weathered oak, espresso, gunstock, and distressed if you have a rustic or traditional interior. Or you can choose pink, purple, blue, black, or green stains if you prefer louder colors.
Due to the authenticity of the wood, most of the color stains still reveal the wood grain and have natural imperfections. These imperfections are meant to appear stylistic rather than impede the design. Longhouse Forest Products describes natural wood as having aesthetic adaptability that adds texture and interest to a space. Even minimalistic homes can benefit from varied textures, making this a fine fit for many homes.

RepurposedTreesCo isn’t the only small business serving affordable side tables to aspiring home decorators. FromAndToNature is also an Etsy-based furniture seller with side tables available for under $100, and its Barnwood Box Nightstand is handmade from reclaimed spruce and barn wood. This furniture piece is highly customizable — you can purchase a table of any size between 11-15 inches wide and 16-24 inches tall. All sizes in this range are within budget, and if you want to splurge on a larger size, the manufacturer does take custom requests.
In addition to these customizable dimensions, the seller allows stain requests if you want a specific color painted over the wood. The standard color is a light spruce with natural wood grain and aesthetic imperfections on its surface.
Since all-natural wood is used, no two furniture pieces are alike, and every purchase is guaranteed to be unique. Doors & Floors Direct calls these markings “character marks.” The wood grain tells the tree’s life story, making this product ideal for people who want to fill their homes with meaningful, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Within the wood, you may notice glossary knots, mineral streaks, sapwood, grain, and growth rings. Each of these traits reveals environmental factors and characteristics of the tree they were once connected to.

Nothing says versatility like a furniture piece that can be used as both a chair and a table. The Tree Stump Stool from Etsy costs $99.99, which is a great deal, especially considering its “live edge” design. Live edge furniture is defined by CO Lumber & Real Wood Furniture as projects that retain their natural wooden edge. This type of furniture is crafted by expert woodworkers with years of experience creating top-quality products. These products are one-of-a-kind and very labor-intensive to make, taking years to color, dry, cut, and finish (via Hardwood Lumber Company).
This live edge tree stump stool is made from an original cedar stump or root and unaltered from its natural shape. Due to its very organic design, this is a niche furniture piece befitting farmhouse and rustic rooms. It may be more difficult to place in houses with contemporary, modern, and industrial-style furniture. The seller has a 4.5-star rating and has other reclaimed wood and live-edge furniture pieces available if you are a fan of the store’s work.


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