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U.S. Gets Updated Yamaha Tenere 700 For 2024 – ADV Pulse

Since launching overseas in 2019, the Tenere 700 has found a sweet spot in the fast-growing adventure segment, becoming one of the most sought after ADV bikes to come along in a while. And although the Tenere 700 has remained unchanged on this side of the pond, Yamaha is finally giving the US model a bit of a refresh. For 2024, the Japanese manufacturer is bringing to North America the upgrades the Tenere 700 received in Europe last year.
Doing away with the dated look of the LCD dash, updates begin with a new five-inch color TFT display. With functionality controlled by a new scrolling dial on the right handlebar, the new display offers two different screen themes—a modern dynamic design and a more traditional look reminiscent of the analog era. Both screen styles feature a clearly designed layout with easy to read icons and warning lights that enable the rider to stay focused on the road or track in front of them.
The new 2024 Ténéré 700 also features Yamaha Y-Connect smartphone connectivity, which works in conjunction with the free-of-charge Y-Connect app (available for iOS and Android) to enable a direct connection between motorcycle and smartphone.
Y-Connect capability for the Ténéré 700 includes the ability to receive incoming text and phone call notifications on the new five-inch color- TFT display. Additional useful functions include the ability to track and record key motorcycle ride data within the app, including distance covered, average fuel consumption, top speed, and much more.
Another new feature for 2024 is the addition of a new ABS mode. Instead of the previous model’s ON/OFF ABS selection, the new model now features three-mode selectable ABS allowing riders to choose their preferred level of braking intervention. MODE 1 is the ABS fully activated on both front and rear wheels; MODE 2 enables ABS on front wheel only and turns ABS off on rear wheel; and MODE 3 turns ABS off on both front and rear wheel.
Additional updates include new streamlined front and rear LED turn signals, along with prewiring for the installation of Yamaha’s accessory Quick Shifter.
The new 2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700 will be available in either Team Yamaha Blue arriving to dealers in September, 2023 or Shadow Gray arriving to dealers in October, 2023 for $10,799 MSRP.

Where are the rest of the T7 models?? The rest of the world gets what, 5 models to choose from? In other news, not much traffic on this site anymore.
Yamaha finally remembering North America. Hope they bring a huge batch of them and while at it please bring the World Raid!
YESSS. We NEED the World Raid
The good thing about the T7 is its simplicity. Instead they should’ve made updates to the suspension.
It’s still pretty basic for today’s standards.
This. OEM suspension upgrade for half the price of a retail upgrade.
And still no cruise control…come on Yamaha.
They would have to produce a ride by wire unit for the CP2… which they would not do.
Like everything except the price hike.
$300 bump for TFT screen, LEDs, and off-road ABS mode seems pretty fair. If I could pay that to retrofit mine I’d do it in a heartbeat.
Interesting. First time I see this wish list. Do you own T7? Bro how ’bout suspension, cruise control, more fuel and lower CG, fix stupid exhaust routing, no?
No. ‘Bro’. I know, I know .. you’re just too hardcore for the stock suspension…yeah…
Still a bargain. If they start adding more complicated electronics the price goes up. Keep it simple! We’ll done Yamaha
It’s getting close to the Tuareg’s price which has more horsepower, suspension and technology.
Yup and the Tuareg is more approachable IMO.
But who wants to run premium fuel all the time. A lot of small towns only have regular unleaded fuel. Plus the nearest dealer is over 1000km from me.
White was my favorite color. Bring back the white please.
I couldn’t care less about different ABS modes (I’d rather not have ABS at all), cell phone connectivity, or a quick shifter. But I am glad that Yamaha is still keeping it relatively simple. Just bring more of them into the U.S, Yamaha!!!
Where’s the World Raid? The dual tanks that sit lower and the better suspension? Looks like KTM takes the win for 2024 again! I quit buying Yamaha in 2004 and only buy KTM because Yamaha fails to deliver in the USA.
Yeah, you see. This is right feedback folks. T7 needs better suspension and more fuel with lower CG. Cruise control would be nice. All this other stuff is fluff.
Remind us again how much more of the KTM costs… Yeah, that’s what I thought.
Same as others, want the full compliment of various models. Less interested in the World Raid (heavy enuf already), but the off-road oriented w/suspension upgrade.
Remind me again how much more of the KTM is…. Yeah, that’s what I thought.
The KTM sounds really like the bike for a hardcore ‘bro’ like you, ‘bro’.
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