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Weekly Love Horoscope For Singles & Couples: May 8-14, 2023 – STYLECASTER

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Your love horoscope for the week of May 8 to 14 says you shouldn’t let your guard down just yet! There’s still enough suspicious energy in the air on Monday to stay focused and alert until you feel things start to turn around in your relationships by the end of the week.
These shifts should actually begin with Tuesday’s conjunction in steady Taurus between the confident and empowering sun as well as innovative and rebellious Uranus, allowing you to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Once that brain fog starts to lift, you should see things more clearly. And when that happens your confidence level rises, putting you back in a positive frame of mind.

Your mood should remain fairly upbeat heading into the weekend, as Friday brings two positive aspects: a sextile between quick-thinking Mercury (which continues its retrograde until May 14) and go-getter Saturn—planet of discipline—plus a trine between Venus—planet of love and friendship—and Saturn—planet of stability—bringing a sexy combo of business smarts and romantic intrigue. Hmmm… anyone up for mixing a little business and pleasure? One thing’s for sure: With last week’s erratic energy finally gone, it’s nice to have your life—and your relationships—back on track.
Here’s what your love horoscope for the week of May 8 to 14 is bringing to your attention, according to your sun sign, Venus sign and/or rising sign:
It’s money over love early this week, Aries, as the sun in reliable Taurus continues to highlight your financial zone. Making sure you’re financially secure before heading into a serious long-term relationship is a good idea. You don’t always think ahead, but you see the value of it during this slow-paced transit.
The stable Bull also hosts a sun-Uranus conjunction on Tuesday, again encouraging you to look toward the future. Investing in real estate or other long-term opportunities shows that you don’t just make spontaneous decisions, which is attractive to other signs, especially Virgo and Capricorn.

A lot of emotions come pouring out during Saturday’s Venus-Saturn water trine, and once they start you might not be able to stop them. Luckily, when it comes to love, being vulnerable isn’t a weakness.
The egocentric sun is traveling through money guru Taurus and your second house of finances and material possessions this week, making this the perfect time to get your money under control. If you and your partner have joint accounts, put reasonable budgets in place to advance your future savings.
On Tuesday, there’s a logical conjunction between the sun and Uranus, also in your money zone, that underscores the importance of looking at long-term investments that will benefit your relationship. Thinking creatively is encouraged, but looking for quick financial opportunities or fixes is not.
On Saturday, things turn romantic during a dreamy Venus-Saturn water trine that has you looking on the bright side. What were you so worried about, Aries? Your intuitive instincts are reassuring.

You’re not interested in any drama this week. As your steady sign influences more than a couple planetary placements, including the sun, you’re attracted to stability and down-to-earth people who use common sense. Other earth signs are a perfect match, mainly Virgo.
Tuesday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in your first house emphasizes your desire to not rock the boat, although your mind is more open than usual. You can see the possibilities that come from changing things up, but you’re not quite ready to get out of your comfortable dating routine just yet.
Mercury is currently retrograde in your stubborn sign, so when it sextiles serious Saturn on Friday you could get into some epic verbal clashes. If a conversation with someone you really like starts to go sideways, bail before it gets so bad you can’t recover from it. Once you say something negative, Taurus, it’s impossible to take it back.

The planets align for you this week, Taurus, with a lot of placements revolving around your reliable, logical sign. The ego-boosting sun has you feeling comfortable and in your element all week, which helps you be a more confident lover and partner.
On Tuesday, a conjunction takes place in your steady first house between the sun and innovative Uranus, encouraging you to branch out a little bit, especially when it comes to your image. How long has it been since you changed up your style? Let bae help you make some changes, within reason of course.
On Friday, Mercury (currently retrograde in your grounded sign) sextiles serious Saturn, giving you the heads-up on any legal documents or relationship-related papers you have to sign. Be sure to read them very carefully or have them looked at by a lawyer to make sure you don’t sign something you shouldn’t.

If you sense certain things this week, Gemini, pay attention to your instincts. As romantic Venus wades through the deep emotional waters of Cancer, your psychic abilities also increase, giving you an advantage when it comes to reading people.
On Tuesday, a close sun-Uranus meetup in conservative earthy Taurus signals caution ahead. Don’t be too quick to jump into a new relationship now, no matter how tempting it is. Moving at a fast pace is exciting, but it also causes a lot more emotional crashes than taking your time does.
Over the weekend the Universe provides an intense Venus-Saturn trine that shows you what life could be like if all your dreams came true. Are you taking steps to turn your fantasies into reality? Because that’s possible now. The harder you work, the more results you see. Sometimes you forget what you’re truly capable of.
Love planet Venus is spending time in needy Cancer this week, making you crave a lot more affection than usual. Even though bae might secretly wonder why you want to hold their hand and cuddle so much, they aren’t complaining!

The sun-Uranus conjunction that occurs in patient Taurus and your twelfth house of endings on Tuesday is an indication of changes that are coming, but you should have plenty of time to prepare for them. Nothing stays the same, Gemini, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, and this aspect is a good signal that you’re headed in the right direction.
Heading into the weekend, the Universe provides a romantic Venus-Saturn water trine on Saturday that encourages you to talk about and pursue your dreams. Giving your partner the support they need (and vice versa) is the sign of a healthy, caring relationship. Don’t let the person you love give up on what’s important to them.
Do you feel like you’re treading water in dangerously deep seas this week, Cancer? As passionate Venus moves through your moody sign, you aren’t sure of yourself from one minute to the next. And self-doubt can really drag you under when it comes to love.

Luckily, you get a lifesaver in the form of a sun-Uranus conjunction in steady Taurus on Tuesday, which should help you choose the most logical option from all of the ones being offered to you. Are you tempted to do something totally random? Probably. But even you can see that it isn’t what’s best for you now.
You have high expectations of a date developing into a relationship thanks to the Venus-Saturn trine on Saturday, but if you’re disappointed, you aren’t likely to let it show. Even though you know there are certain things that are deal breakers, you’re willing to give someone a shot if you can see that they’re trying hard.
Love is emotional, intense, and creative as lovely Venus moves through your deep water sign this week, Cancer. Having the goddess of love in your first house means you’re in control more than usual, but don’t forget how much fun losing control can be!
A sun-Uranus conjunction in earth sign Taurus on Tuesday injects some much-needed logic into your decisions, but it also reminds you to be creative when necessary. Approaching relationship issues from both sides of your brain produces a very balanced solution.

Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine in water signs gives you the chance to play up romance without creating unnecessary drama. You’re all about sharing fantasies and living out your dreams together, but there’s a healthy limit on your expectations.
The sun, your ego-boosting cosmic leader, is soaking up patient Taurus vibes in your career zone this week, Leo, so could that mean a workplace romance is slowly brewing? Ask your work crush out for coffee to see if the sparks fly outside the office.
The stubborn Bull also hosts the sun-Uranus conjunction on Tuesday, urging you to stick to your ideas and opinions. And because this partnership is still giving off tenth house career vibes, you might have to defend yourself against workplace accusations of some kind. Maybe check the rules before grabbing that coffee with a coworker.

On Friday, there’s a Mercury-Saturn sextile while Mercury is retrograde that can put you in a good position to persuade someone to your way of thinking, but that doesn’t really work in a dating situation. Don’t you want to get to know someone for who they really are? Just finding ways to get them to say yes doesn’t allow you to do that.
With your confident leader sun moving through steady, logical Taurus this week, you’re very sure of yourself and your decisions. You might even say you’re more stubborn than usual, especially when it comes to your ego and insistence on being right. Isn’t love supposed to be a two-way street, Leo?
An earthy sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus arrives on Tuesday, highlighting your tenth house of public recognition and career. You’ll be looking for ways to get ahead now, and your partner and/or relationship can work to your advantage. You’re definitely not too proud to ask for a little help if it will earn you big rewards.
Chatty Mercury is retrograde during its sextile to determined Saturn on Friday, but that doesn’t stand in the way of you getting what you want from bae. You might have to be a little more tactful than usual, but in the end your words are still very persuasive.

As the sun continues to travel with kindred earth sign Taurus this week, you’re confident in what you bring to the table. You might not be everybody’s type, Virgo, but the perfect person for you does exist out there somewhere. And you have the patience not to settle until you find them.
Money decisions are pretty easy to make during Tuesday’s sun-Uranus conjunction in financially savvy Taurus, so it isn’t like you’ll let anyone take advantage of you. You can spot a gold digger a mile away, and if that’s all someone is interested in, they can keep moving.
You suspect that there might be a lot of work involved in dating someone you meet during the Venus-Saturn water trine on Saturday, but you’re all in anyway. If it’s been a while since you met someone who was worth the effort, you’re excited to see where this goes.

You feel confident in your decisions while the ego-boosting sun is making its way through like-minded, logical earth sign Taurus this week. Your partner can try to sway you in another direction, Virgo, but the chances are pretty good you won’t change your mind very easily.
The sun-Uranus conjunction in financially savvy Taurus on Tuesday urges you to use a little more creativity when making decisions about your joint holdings, but you will still probably err on the side of caution. When it comes to your hard-earned money, you aren’t ready to make any out-there moves.
Romance is present again during Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine in water signs Cancer and Pisces, respectively, which should put you in the mood to dream about the future. You’re ready to talk about things in more abstract terms during this dreamy, emotional aspect.

You’re a little more shy than usual as your lovely leader Venus makes her way through introverted Cancer this week, so you probably won’t be making the first move. You’re still quite flirty, but when it comes to closing the deal, you prefer to be pursued rather than do the pursuing.
Your dark eighth house of sex and death (endings) gets a visit from a rebellious sun-Uranus conjunction on Tuesday, which gives you a chance to totally revamp your sexual style. Changing things that no longer work for you is this meetup’s specialty, but there’s no need to rush. Make sure it’s really what you want before you commit to it.
On Saturday, there’s an intense Venus-Saturn water trine that urges you to follow your emotions no matter where they lead. You’ll no doubt run into some obstacles along the way, but just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to be. Keep going. Don’t give up.
Your loving leader Venus is spending the week with caring Cancer, which makes you want to nurture and take care of bae. Your constant “just saying hi” texts and desire to cuddle 24/7 might be a little too much, though. Use that balance you’re so good at finding.

A sun-Uranus meetup in sturdy Taurus on Tuesday hits your renewal zone, letting you know that it’s time to make some changes. There’s no urgency, Libra, but start thinking about what you can do to bring a little more excitement to the relationship. Waiting until things go stale is a mistake.
There are some good romantic vibrations during the Venus-Saturn trine on Saturday, and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. That might seem obvious, but if you’ve stopped making the effort lately (and we all do at some point), you probably need this little reminder.
You get a double dose of Crab energy this week as both affectionate Venus and intense Mars absorb Cancer’s emotional vibrations. There are no random hookups in your future right now. You’re interested in getting to know someone body, mind, and soul or not at all.

On Tuesday, there’s a steady sun-Uranus conjunction in slow-moving Taurus that reminds you that there’s a time and place for stepping outside of your comfort zone, but there’s no rush. You’re interested in someone, but you’re not fully invested. Just because you’re on your tiptoes peeking over the fence doesn’t mean you’re ready to jump over it. Yet.
All of the nice things you’ve done anonymously for your crush could be revealed during Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine, which could actually be really embarrassing. Even though they’ll probably respond positively, you might want to crawl under a rock. Why do you have such a hard time accepting that you’re so awesome, Scorpio?!
With both passionate Venus and your co-ruler Mars, planet of sex, in caring Cancer this week, there’s no doubt that you’re going to make sure bae’s needs are met. Your willingness and enthusiasm to go the extra mile are what make you such a great catch, Scorpio!
On Tuesday, there’s a steady sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, the earth sign directly across from you on the zodiac wheel, that urges you to use a combination of traditionalism and innovation to solve your relationship issues. Being open to thinking on both ends of the spectrum allows you to meet halfway in that important middle ground.

The work you’ve been putting into the relationship gets recognized during Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine, which is actually pretty nice. You don’t do what you do to get a thank-you, but when your partner notices something special you’ve done and compliments you, it makes it all worthwhile.
The Universe has a lot of fun surprises in store for you this week! As your expansive leader Jupiter keeps traveling with like-minded fire sign Aries, you’re a great date who just goes with the flow. Going for it during spontaneous moments leads to some incredibly unexpected fireworks!
On Friday, there’s a Mercury-Saturn sextile while Mercury is retrograde, so you might not have as many of the details covered as you think you do. You tend to get overconfident during this determined aspect, which can lead to errors and misunderstandings. Slowing down might help.

There’s also a somewhat moody Venus-Saturn water trine on Saturday that could cloud your vision about how far you should go to pursue someone. Whether they like you or not is oddly irrelevant, Sag. There are just certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed no matter what.
Fateful Jupiter is in enthusiastic fellow fire sign Aries this whole week, which means your fifth house of entertainment and pastimes gets lots of attention. Your good luck is tied to your activities now, so don’t be surprised if you and bae win a contest to go see your favorite band or get picked for an upgrade on your next flight.
On Friday, there’s a Mercury-Saturn sextile that gives you the incentive to move ahead with something official, but make sure you’ve taken care of all the details. Mercury is still retrograde, so it can cause little issues that you aren’t expecting. Get all legal documents looked at by a professional.

About the same time, the Universe delivers a romantic Venus-Saturn water trine that encourages you to dream big. The future will be here before you know it, Sag, and the further you plan ahead the better. Hope for the best while still considering your options if the worst were to happen.
There’s a sun-Uranus conjunction in foodie Taurus and your house of dating early in the week that points directly to trying some new food fads. Trying interesting new flavors with a date is a super fun experience, or going to a new place on your own might lead to getting a hot server’s number.
There are some barriers in the way of getting to know someone better during Friday’s Mercury-Saturn sextile, but that makes you want to try even harder. Why is this so important to you, Capricorn? Once you uncover the answer to this question, you’ll know your true motivation.

There’s a Venus-Saturn emotional water trine on Saturday, making you extremely invested in your feelings. Getting to know someone in a superficial way isn’t satisfying to you now. At all. You’re interested in finding an all-consuming love with someone who will try as hard as you will to make it work.
Early in the week, the sun-Uranus conjunction in money guru Taurus and your fifth house of fun shows that you can still ball out on a budget! You don’t have to skip the exotic vacay just because your financial position has shifted a bit. Check into flight and hotel specials that will help you stay on track for that much-needed couples getaway.
On Friday, a determined Mercury-Saturn sextile pushes you to keep working on things even when the going gets tough. Communication could be muddy due to Mercury’s retrograde, but don’t let that stop you from getting your point across. Never give up when it comes to love, Capricorn.

On Saturday, there’s a Venus-Saturn water trine that echoes those same sentiments, but romance is a welcome addition to the equation. If the two of you have something you have to do that you’re not looking forward to, be sure to plan something fun afterward so you can focus more on “want to” and less on “have to.”
This week is a good time to remember that regenerative Pluto is in your powerful first house, which means some pretty intense transformations should be taking place. Your perfect love match right now is someone who is just as quirky as you are and interested in growing individually as well as part of a couple. Be on the lookout for an independent Gemini (who might be an artist or designer).
On Tuesday, your home planet Uranus experiences a conjunction with the sun in steady Taurus, urging you to make some changes to your finances. Slowly. Romance can be part of the equation in some money situations, but make sure your main focus is your assets.
It’s hard to separate logic from emotion during Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine, but working to find a good balance is the best you can hope for. Try not to get overly invested in something that seems doomed from the start, Aquarius. Train wrecks can be tempting, but you know you’ll ultimately lose interest.
Remember that revitalizing Pluto is currently drifting through your experimental sign, Aquarius, which makes for some delicious opportunities to flip the script this week. Maybe turning everything upside down and trying to put it all back together from a totally different perspective is exactly what your relationship needs.
Your biggest issues can benefit from a creative approach during Tuesday’s conjunction in Taurus between the bright sun and your change-promoting home planet Uranus, especially if money is involved. Long-term investments and opportunities are preferred over get-rich-quick schemes, but keep an open mind.
Saturday’s Venus-Saturn trine in emotional water signs provides a good balance of logic and emotion and adds just enough romance to remind you that you’re in love and not business partners or roommates. You work so well as a team outside the bedroom that you might forget what excellent lovers you are. Remind yourselves over the weekend!
You’re giving off double Pisces vibes with both Neptune and Saturn hanging out in your dreamy sign this week, which makes you a fantastic procrastinator! Hey, there’s really nothing wrong with putting things off unless you think you might miss an important romantic opportunity, right? And even then you’re probably fine with that since you have the least amount of FOMO of all the signs.
On Friday, the Universe produces a talkative Mercury-Saturn sextile while Mercury is still retrograde, which can take away a little bit of its effectiveness. However, you’re still a lot more outspoken than usual, which is a good thing when it comes to your love life. Just watch out for embarrassing typos!
There’s also a Venus-Saturn trine in imaginative water signs on Saturday that can bring out your dreams and fantasies. What does your ideal partner look like, Pisces? Making a vision board or meditating can be extremely helpful when trying to manifest the love you want. Believe that you deserve the positive things that you’re wishing for.
With both outer planets Neptune and Saturn picking up on your dreamy energy this whole week, you tend to not want to deal with reality. Who can blame you? But the longer you avoid something unpleasant, the more unpleasant it will become. Try to remember that, Pisces.
Mercury is retrograde in Taurus when it sextiles Saturn on Friday, but it’s still a good time to take care of legal paperwork. Just be sure you have a third person check all of the documents you’re signing for errors, especially those related to numbers or dollar amounts.
A watery Venus-Saturn trine appears Saturday, which is a great time to sit down and make some future plans. Nothing has to be written in stone, but casually dreaming about something won’t make it happen either. Taking a middle-of-the-road approach to your goals works best now.
By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.
By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


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