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Which washing machine is best? Choose from 8 picks | Mint – Mint

Choosing the best washing machine can be a daunting task, given the myriad of options available in the market today. With technological advancements and various features to consider, making the right choice requires careful consideration. With this comprehensive guide, our goal is to help you navigate through the maze of washing machines and narrow down your options to eight top picks.
Whether you’re a busy professional looking for a time-saving appliance, a family seeking efficiency and capacity, or an eco-conscious consumer aiming to reduce water and energy consumption, we have selected washing machines that cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.
We’ll look into the specifics of each machine, examining key features such as capacity, washing modes, energy efficiency, smart technology integration, and more. The aim is to provide you with a well-informed understanding of the options available, empowering you to make a decision that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and laundry requirements.

1. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Superb Atom Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The Whirlpool Superb Atom semi-automatic top loading washing machine offers a 7 kg capacity and a 5-star energy rating, making it an efficient choice for laundry needs. With three wash programmes, including Delicate, Normal, and Heavy, it caters to various fabric types. The 1402 RPM motor ensures powerful performance and quicker drying times. Its Smart Scrub Station, water, and shockproof panel, along with a lint filter and wash timer, add to its convenience. The inclusion of 4 wheels provides easy mobility. However, being semi-automatic, it requires manual intervention between washing and drying cycles.


Capacity: 7 kg
Energy Rating: 5 Star
Wash Programs: Delicate, Normal, Heavy
Motor Speed: 1402 RPM
Special Features: Smart Scrub Station, Water & Shock Proof Panel, Lint Filter, Wash Timer
Warranty: 2 Years Comprehensive, 5 Years on Wash Motor and Prime Mover

2. Godrej 7 Kg I-Wash Technology Providing 1-Touch Wash Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The Godrej fully-automatic top load washing machine offers an impressive 7 kg capacity and innovative I-Wash technology, ensuring an affordable yet high-quality laundry experience. With a 720 RPM spin speed, it efficiently extracts water during the spin cycle for faster drying. The machine features 5 wash programmes and a user-friendly touch panel. Its stainless steel Acu Wash drum and Turbo 6 Pulsator provide effective cleaning.


Capacity: 7 kg
Spin Speed: 720 RPM
Wash Programs: 5
Drum/Pulsator Type: Stainless steel Acu Wash drum/Turbo 6 Pulsator
Warranty: 10 Years on Wash Motor, 2 Years on the entire machine
Key Features: I-Wash technology, Zero pressure technology, In-built soak technology
Special Features: Child lock, Toughened glass lid, Auto resume, Auto balance system, Auto restart with memory backup, Fuzzy logic

3. Samsung 6 kg, 5 Star, Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The Samsung semi-automatic top load washing machine is a practical choice for small families, offering a 6 kg capacity and 5-star energy efficiency. With a 700 RPM motor, it delivers quick and effective wash and drying cycles, making it ideal for busy households. The machine features 3 wash programmes, including Heavy, Normal, and Soak, ensuring versatile cleaning options. Its Air Turbo Drying System reduces drying times, while the water and shock-proof panel ensures safe placement.


Type: Semi-Automatic Top Load
Capacity: 6 kg
Energy Rating: 5 Star
Motor Speed: 700 RPM
Warranty: 2 Years comprehensive on product, 5 Years on motor
Wash Programs: 3 Wash Programs (Heavy, Normal, Soak)
Drying System: Air Turbo Drying
Special Features: Rat Protection, Rust-proof Body, Caster Wheel
Additional Features: Water & Shock Proof Panel

4. DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine

The DMR 46-1218 single tub washing machine is India’s first portable mini washing machine, perfect for bachelors, small families, or quick laundry needs. It offers a 4.6 kg washing capacity and a 2.0 kg spin capacity with a steel dryer basket. This compact and efficient machine consumes low power (240 W) and water, making it cost-effective and eco-friendly. Its 5S advantages include saving water, energy, time, space, and money. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year free spare supply warranty, ensuring reliability. While it’s an affordable and convenient option, it may not be suitable for larger households due to its compact size and limited load capacity.


Special Feature: 4.6kg Portable Mini Washing Machine
Cycle Options: Curtain, Jeans
Voltage: 220 Volts
Controls Type: Semi Automatic
Access Location: Top Load
Item Weight: 9 Kilograms
Wash and Spin Power: 240 W
Washing Capacity: 4.6 Kg
Spin Capacity: 2.0 Kg

5. Havells-Lloyd 8.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Is a high-capacity washing machine with efficient cleaning capabilities on your laundry room wish list? Look no further than the Havells-Lloyd 8.5 Kg semi-automatic top load washing machine. With its 80L large washtub and powerful 480W motor, it tackles laundry with ease. The 360-degree water shower, electro-mechanical timer, aqua balancer, and stainless steel mesh filter ensure thorough cleaning. Plus, the soft closing and toughened glass lid add durability. However, it’s relatively bulky and might not fit in smaller spaces. Nevertheless, if you value washing capacity and cleaning power, this machine delivers.


Brand: Lloyd
Capacity: 8.5 Kilograms
Special Features: 360-degree water shower, Electro-mechanical timer, Aqua Balancer, Stainless steel mesh filter, Big Rubber Wheel
Finish Type: Glass
Wash Programs: 4 (Gentle, Normal, Strong, Strongest)
Special Detergent Mix Cycle

6. Haier 8.5 Kg 5 Star Voltex Pulsator Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Imagine having a washing machine that perfectly suits your family’s laundry needs. The Haier 8.5 Kg 5-Star voltex pulsator semi-automatic top load washing machine might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. With its 8.5 kg capacity, it’s ideal for medium-sized families. While it involves some manual effort, its 1300 RPM spin speed ensures faster drying. The added convenience of castors for easy movement, rust-free cabinet, and anti-rat mesh makes it a practical choice. However, it’s worth noting that it’s semi-automatic, so it does require some hands-on involvement.


Capacity: 8.5 kg
Washing Machine Type: Semi-automatic top-loading
Spin RPM: 1300
Special Features: Spray, Vortex pulsator, Rust-free cabinet, Anti Rat Mesh, Castors

7. Haier 7 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The Haier 7 Kg 5 Star fully automatic top load washing machine is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on wash quality. With its 7 kg capacity, it’s ideal for small families, and its 801 RPM spin speed ensures quicker drying. This washing machine comes with 8 wash programmes, offering versatility for different laundry needs. While it’s easy to use and offers a child lock feature, the limited 2-year product warranty may leave you wanting more in terms of long-term coverage.


Capacity: 7 kg
Washing Machine Type: Fully-automatic top-loading
Spin RPM: 801
Special Features: Bionic Magic Filter, Childlock, PCM Cabinet, Balance Clean Pulsator, Oceanus Wave Drum

8. SHARP 9 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The SHARP 9 Kg 5 Star fully automatic top load washing machine is a powerhouse appliance designed for large families. With a 5-star energy rating, it combines efficiency and performance. The 700 RPM spin speed ensures faster drying, and the 10 wash programmes offer versatile cleaning options. The stainless steel drum and pulsator ensure durability. Innovative features like hot and cold wash, waterfall wash, and protective rat mesh make it a practical choice. However, the limited 2-year comprehensive warranty might leave some users wishing for more extended coverage.


Brand: SHARP
Capacity: 9 kg
Energy Rating: 5 Star
Spin RPM: 700
Special Features: Protective Rat Mesh, Child Lock, High Efficiency, Drum Clean, Time Remaining Display, Adjustable Levelling Legs, Delay Start

Best 3 features for you

Best value for money

The Samsung 6 kg, 5 Star, Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine offers excellent value for money. With a 5-star energy rating, it ensures energy efficiency, and the Air Turbo Drying feature reduces drying time. It also includes a range of wash programs, making it versatile for different laundry needs. Its compact design is suitable for small families, making it a cost-effective choice.

Best overall product

The SHARP 9 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine stands out as the best overall product. With a 5-star energy rating and a spacious 9 kg capacity, it suits large families. It offers a wide range of wash programmes and innovative features like hot and cold water wash, protective rat mesh, and waterfall wash. Its powerful cleaning and user-friendly options make it a top choice for comprehensive laundry needs.

How to find the best washing machine brand in India?

To find the best washing machine brand in India, consider several factors. Start by assessing your specific needs, such as capacity, type (fully automatic or semi-automatic), and budget. Research reputable brands known for producing reliable washing machines. Look for energy-efficient models with high-star ratings to save on running costs. Read user reviews and expert opinions to gauge real-world performance and durability. Additionally, consider after-sales service and warranty support. Brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and IFB have established themselves as trustworthy choices in the Indian market due to their quality, innovation, and customer support.
Question : How do I clean my washing machine?
Ans : You can clean your washing machine by running an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar or using commercial washing machine cleaners.
Question : What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines?
Ans : Semi-automatic machines require manual intervention for tasks like transferring clothes, while fully automatic machines handle the entire washing process automatically.
Question : What is the significance of the star rating on washing machines?
Ans : The star rating indicates the energy efficiency of the washing machine, with higher star ratings signifying greater efficiency.
Question : Can I use regular detergent in a high-efficiency washing machine?
Ans : It’s recommended to use detergents specifically designed for high-efficiency machines to prevent excessive suds and maintain machine performance.
Question : How often should I clean the lint filter in my washing machine?
Ans : Cleaning the lint filter after every wash or as per the manufacturer’s instructions helps maintain machine efficiency and prevent lint buildup.
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