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XinChen Caster Wheels Company Announces Adjustable Leveling … –

Adjustable leveling casters wheels are mostly used on production line worktables, machines and other equipment which needs to move position sometimes. Leveling casters combine leveling feet and swivel casters.
Material: Cast Aluminum body with polyamide wheel; Wheel Size: 042 x 20, 050 x 25, 063 x 30, 075 x 30, 075 x 33, 096 x 52; Load Weight: 50kg, 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg; Bearing:Plain Bore; Leveling Pad Brake
Caster with leveling feet – Material: PA6; Wheel Size: 2″ x 38mm, 3″ x 46mm; Loading Capacity: 300kg, 500kg; Purpose: Computer racks caster, medical & laboratory equipment caster, printers, copiers, modular framing enclosures, electronic enclosures


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