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Xinchen Casters Company produce Spring loaded casters and shocking absorbing caster wheels – PRUnderground

Industry: Manufacturing
Spring loaded casters utilize a spring suspension to provide a cushioned ride and protection from shock and vibration for sensitive loads.
Zhejiang, China (PRUnderground) October 8th, 2018
Spring loaded casters wheels utilize a spring suspension to provide a cushioned ride and protection from shock and vibration for sensitive loads.
These industrial casters dampen and isolate shocks and vibration from rough surfaces to protect cargo or contents in a cart or equipment. Our Shock Absorbing Casters reduce noise caused by casters traveling over rough surfaces. These casters equalize the load over uneven terrain among four or more casters, thereby reducing overloads on casters and twisting of the cart or frame. These Spring Loaded Casters feature either vertical mount springs, outside mount springs or inside mount springs.
XinChen’s Shock Absorber Casters are unique spring loaded casters that were designed for specific applications and industries requiring a cushioned ride for protection from shock and vibration. These industrial casters are ideal for automotive assembly lines, diagnostic and electrical equipment, institutional and laboratory equipment and stands, medical equipment and carts, mobile workstations, computer main frames and towers, point of purchase displays and shelving, food processing equipment, packaging equipment, sound and lighting equipment, ground support equipment, assembly line dollies, mobile storage racks and many other light to heavy duty caster applications. Our Shock Absorbing Casters load ratings vary from 500 to 1,100 pounds. ;
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About xinchen caster wheels company
Xinchen caster wheels specialized in manufacture caster wheels,Our main business scope involved
Medical caster:used as medical bed caster,hospital furniture caster,hospital trolley caster,central locking caster wheels
Heavy duty caster: Rubber caster wheels,Iron cast wheels,widely used as industrial caster wheels,Plant / factory trolley caster wheel
Trolley caster: widely used on super market trolley caster wheel,and home furniture cart casters
Shock absorbing casters:Popular used as electric equipment caster,and high precision devices,which need avoid shocking.
Low profile casters; Mostly used as machine casters,and industrial trolley.
For many years development we have develop more than 2000 series caster wheels,And we are proud of our quality.
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